Halloween Queen: Battywampus!

Halloween Queens
Name: Evelyn
Age: 29
From: Minnesota, USA

Evelyn is the amazing Ghoul behind the blog and Instagram Battywampus!

What made you love Halloween so strongly?
There’s nothing more exciting to me than seeing magic, real magic, come alive in the eyes of strangers.No other day of the year captures the same magic that Halloween has. Months of preparation culminate on a single night where both adults and children alike get to be someone else for an evening and celebrate Halloween in their own unique way.
How did you get into Halloween?
I started working at Spirit Halloween, a large Halloween retailer, when I was 19-years-old and I didn’t have many positive influences in my life at the time. My store manager is a very kind and generous person who didn’t just work for a Halloween company, he genuinely LOVES Halloween. He had this severed leg prop that he would hang from the trunk of his car and people driving on the road would call the police because they thought he had a real dead body in his trunk! His stories about his years of experience with the Halloween industry and passion for Halloween are part of the reason I fell in love with Halloween and I’ve found new reasons to continue loving it ever since.

What is your favorite things to do on/around Halloween?
I’m almost 30-years-old and I still go trick-or-treating. It’s less about getting candy and more about the thrill of the next house. There’s nothing more exhilarating and rewarding than coming home after spending three hours walking around dressed up like a ghost while carrying a 4 pound pillow case full of candy. I host Halloween parties around Halloween but I never host parties on Halloween night. I am also pagan and Samhain is a sacred day for me so I usually spend the day creating my Samhain altar and prepping my feastbefore I go trick-or-treating.
Can you remember which Halloween costume was your favorite one?
Three years ago my friends and I dressed up as ghosts. We bought white bed sheets from the thrift store and cut eye holes out with scissors. One of my friends went as the Charlie Brown ghost, complete with a rock! People were so excited to see us and we got a lot of compliments that year. Many adults that were handing out candy told us stories of how they dressed up as bed sheet ghosts when they were younger. I definitely think those costumes contributed to us getting more candy that year.
What does Halloween mean to you?
Magic. Community. A sense of belonging. In the off season people think I’m weird and I get comments on how strange it is that I like Halloween all year long. As soon as Halloween comes along, I’m the cool one. I enjoy Halloween because weird is the new normal. People judge less and interact with their communities more.

Of all the amazing Halloween candy you can get now adays , what is your favourite? ( Old Classics/ New style candy etc )
What Halloween food and drinks are you most excited about?
When do you start shopping for Halloween?
I’m usually scouting stores mid-July but stores are posting their Halloween inventory online earlier every year. Michael’s is almost always the first store in the US to start selling Halloween home decor but even Hobby Lobby is putting out fall items now and it’s not even the middle of May yet.

What about Halloween makes it your favorite holiday?
History tells us that in the beginning, Halloween was a night to go out into town and make mischief. Be someone you don’t normally get to be. Be obnoxious. Raise hell! It may not be celebrated today in the same way that it used to be, but we still use it as a night to accept things that we wouldn’t normally accept any other night of the year. We are more willing to accept that ghosts, witches and magic are possible on Halloween. Death is normally very difficult to talk about the rest of the year, but for one night we don’t just acknowledge it- we idolize it! We wear costumes of dead people, re-animated corpses, serial killers and even death itself. I love that we can accept the unacceptable one night a year.
Do you think it has any negative sides to it?
Halloween as a gore-fest has never really been my cup of tea but I understand why people love it. It’s a day for expression and possibilities! At it’s heart I believe that Halloween is about acceptance but I think some people use Halloween as an excuse to push boundaries, be dangerous, make people feel uncomfortable and unsafe on purpose. One year I was trick-or-treating with my friends and two adults dressed as murderous clowns started following us. They followed us for several blocks in an attempt to make us feel uncomfortable on purpose. We asked them to stop but they didn’t listen and in the end it ruined the evening for us. Not everyone wants to be scared on Halloween.
What is the Favorite Halloween item you have?
A few years ago I asked my grandfather to build a pair of coffin shaped bookshelves for me. Not only are they awesome pieces but they are mementos that I get to keep after he’s gone. We painted them together so those memories are something I will always cherish.

Do you still go trick or treating?
Absolutely. Last year I went with my fiance’s younger siblings but I usually go with friends. I’ve found that I am never asked about my age if I dress up in a costume that covers my whole body. I tested this theory some years ago when I wore a costume that showed my face and I got significantly less candy than previous years when my whole body was covered. The fact that you’re supposed to stop because you’re too old once you hit an arbitrary age confuses me. The age range you’re supposed to stop trick-or-treating varies between 10-14 but there’s no clear explanation for why you have to stop other than “you’re too old.” It feels unfair to have this ritual of going trick-or-treating for the first 14 years of your life then suddenly you’re not allowed to do it anymore. I am an advocate for trick-or-treating as an adult but if someone wants to sit at home handing out candy, be my guest! I couldn’t have the trick-or-treat experience without them. I just think it should be a choice instead of being enforced based on an arbitrary obligation.
Can you remember your first Halloween memory?
I was 5-years-old and my mom made Halloween costumes for my brother and I. She made me a pink power ranger costume out of a matching pink sweater and sweatpants with cut out pieces of felt. At the time I was so mad because I wanted her to buy me a costume from the store but now I think back to how cool it was to have something handmade like that. I’m glad she made it for me instead!
Do you keep all your Halloween decorations out all year or do you start decorating at a certain time ?
I keep some things out all year. My coffin book shelves are hard to hide away and kitchen stuff like dishes, cookie jars, pot holders and utensils are out all year because I use them every day but my hanging items, window clings and specialty items are put away until usually August.

Where do you buy your Halloween items?
Target, Kohl’s, Tuesday Morning, Daiso, Ross, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabrics, Michael’s, At Home, Kirklands, TJ Maxx / Home Goods and Thrift stores
Whats your favourite halloween movie/series?
Disney’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” (1949)
How is Halloween celebrated in the US?
It depends on where you are in the US. In Minnesota there’s been a big push in the last several years for more elaborate yard decorations and sometimes you’ll see animated screen projections on the sides of houses. I frequently see people driving around neighborhoods to look at all of the decorations, much like people do with Christmas lights in the winter.Costume parties are still popular in the US for both kids and adults. Some parents try to get their kids to stay in on Halloween by inviting their children’s friends over to have costume parties instead of going out trick-or-treating. The number of kids going trick-or-treating has been decreasing steadily over the years as adults try to confine festivities to smaller and more controlled areas like schools and libraries. A lot of large malls actually have events where kids can walk around to different stores and get candy from people waiting at the doors. It always seems so cold and calculated though and I don’t like it.
Is it difficult finding Halloween decorations in your town/city?
No. I live in a fairly large city so many of the stores that I shop at are within driving distance. There are roughly four different TJ Maxx/Home Goods, Targets and Michael’s stores within a 15 mile radius of my home.

What made you want to start a horror/Halloween themed blog?
I was an assistant store manager at Spirit Halloween in 2016 and decided to chronicle my time there. I didn’t have a clear idea in my head at the time for a blog but I found a community that I enjoyed sharing my experiences with on Tumblr. It wasn’t until I switched to Instagram as my full-time social media platform that I dove head first into blogging. It was the community that gave me the motivation to start and I just really wanted to share my Halloween finds with everyone.
What is important themes to you when you write posts?
I want to make sure people have a good understanding of the subject I’m writing about. Whether it be about drinks, style, shopping or events. Where did I get it? How much was it? Is it still available? How can you make what I just made? I want you to know all of that! I’m not just keeping it to myself. I want to share it.

How much time do you spend of your day/week writing posts?
Not enough. I think I probably spend 2-4 days writing blog posts per month. I really have to sit down and focus on a post and that can be difficult for me with my full-time job and chronic pain. I have carpal tunnel syndrome and a bulging neck disk. Sitting at a computer for any significant length of time can be strenuous on my body.
Can it sometimes be difficult for you to handle the fame by being a known Halloween persona?
I don’t think I’m famous at all. When I start collaborating at big events like Midsummer Scream maybe then I’ll start to feel like I am!
Clothing / style

Where do you usually buy your clothes?
95% thrift stores. I currently work at Goodwill and I previously worked at Savers, both nationwide thrift store chains. I have been shopping at thrift stores since I was a kid and I think its important to know the value of a good second hand item.
what style of clothing do you like to buy?
I tend to stick to black and gray. Faux leather, lace and buckles are aplenty in my wardrobe but I also like warm neutral colors like green, brown and cream. I am obsessed with linen and I have a lot of linen dresses and shirts in my closet. “Mori Girl” is my second favorite style but I rarely dress in it.
Do you have any tips on where to find awesome Halloween clothing for the rest of us Halloween addicts?
I shop everywhere. Don’t assume a place won’t have what you’re interested in. There’s always something to find even if you don’t think there is. www.spirithalloween.com and www.partycity.comdon’t just sell costumes they also sell build-your-own pieces which include sweaters, tights, shoes, etc.
www.poshmark.com is like an online thrift store. Just search “Halloween” and see what you can find.
Seriously just check out my Halloween Fashion Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/Battywampus/halloween-fashion/
Do you wear Halloween/Horror styled clothes all year?
Actually, no. I dislike being stopped and asked about it all the time. Once in a while I’ll feel particularly spooky and I’ll deck myself out in bats but I generally pick up my Halloween/Horror style around August or September when the weather gets cooler. It works for me because most of the Halloween clothes that I own are sweaters and warmer clothes anyway.

Whats your favourite Halloween clothing /accessories/bags/shoes etc?
My Love Pain and Stitches Jack O’ Lantern bags are definitely my favorite bags, I enjoy boots with buckles and find a lot of cool ones at thrift stores, but my favorite Halloween clothing item is this shoulder cut out sweater with a Jack O’ Lantern face on it that I purchased from Spirit Halloween last year. (https://www.spirithalloween.com/product/cold-shoulder-pumpkin-sweatshirt/150471.uts?keyword=cold%20shoulder&thumbnailIndex=1&Search=Find+It)

Have you worked hard on your style?
Oh goodness, yes! If I’m going out with friends I spend a long time changing in and out of clothes before I finally decide on what I’m going to wear. Sometimes I even pick out my clothes the night before only to change my mind at the last minute the next day. I wear a uniform at work so it’s a release for me to be able to pick something out that I actually want to wear. Though if I’m by myself at home lounging around and watching TV, I like to put in as little effort as possible. Messy bun and re-runs is my motto!

Check out Evelyn’s blog hereπŸŽƒ: www.battywampus.com

And follow her on Instagram!πŸŽƒ: www.instagram.com/battywampus

Drac Makens Creations Unboxing

Halloween Jewlery!, Halloween Mail!

Ok , guys , let me just say that the pin I have to show you all today , is one of the cutest I have ever seen!

Its from Drac Makens Creations , and was a Halloween limited edition of the crazy popular Bat pin Bianca has in her shop !

She has now added 2 more variants , and they are sooo beautiful!


But , let me show you the adorebole CANDY CORN BAT PIN !

I first saw this cutie on Instagram ,and I just had to buy him!
It was just 7 left when I ordered it , so hopefully there are still some left!

Bianca was so kind to include an amazing sticker and the coolest buisness card!

And here it is! Candy Corn lapel pin!Β  Is`nt it amazing!?
I love the colors and the mix with the silver outlines , and its yellow eyes.

And even better: it has TWO backstoppers!
They are of black rubber , so they wont budge !

Im so happy with how perfectly it matches my other Halloween pins!

If you want to see this beauty being opend IRL , check out my youtube video down below !

Halloween Queen: Midnite Spookshow!

Halloween Queens
Name: Jody
Age: 31
From : USA

Jody is the amazing Ghoul behind the Instagram and YouTube channel @midnite_spookshow!

What made you love Halloween so strongly?

There’s just that certain vibe that halloween gives out that has always attracted me to it, the autumn air, the dark aesthetic, the colors and smells, I just can’t get enough of it!

How did you get into Halloween ?

I honestly can’t say a specific time but it started from childhood, always playing halloween games or watching horror movies!

What is your favorite things to do on/around halloween ?

Visit local haunted houses, carve pumpkins, build and set up our yard haunt and our annual halloween party!

Can you remeber which Halloween costume was your favourtite one?

When we visted Salem, MA a few years ago I made a candy demon costume and was pretty proud of it!

What does Halloween mean to you?

Halloween is life!

Of all the amazing Halloween candy you can get now adays , what is your favourite? ( Old Classics/ New style candy etc )

I’m one of those weird people that actually like candy corn! lol but other than that I love snickers, dots, and peanut butter cups!

What Halloween food and drinks are you most excited about?

Learned how to make wicked apple sangria that I can make look like a witch’s brew, so good!

When do you start shopping for Halloween ?

I shop for halloween merch all year round!

What about halloween makes it your favorite holiday?

The way it makes me feel like I am in my element, total euphoria the whole month of October!

Do you think it has any negative sides to it?

That it isn’t every day!

What is the Favorite Halloween item you have?

There are so many I don’t think I could choose anything specifically. I have an old witch in a rocking chair that I had as a child. Although, it doesn’t work anymore it reminds me of memories with my mum!

Do you still go trick or treating?

No but I totally would if I could get away with it!

Can you remember your first Halloween memory?

Yes, I was about 3 years old and my dad took me trick or treating and I was scared to death by some guy dressed up as a vampire hidden in a coffin on their porch!

Do you keep all your Halloween decorations out all year or do you start decorating at a certain time ?

There are certain things that stay out all year round, I save some of the more specific decorations for September/ October

Where do you buy your Halloween items?

I make a lot of them myself (props) but for the home decor stuff I like to buy from TJ Maxx/ Homegoods/ Marshalls (same company), Michaels, and a few online stores

Whats your favourite halloween movie/series?

Trick R Treat!!!!

How is Halloween celebrated in the US?

costume parties, parades, trick or treating, pumpkin patches, hayrides, haunted houses

Is it difficult finding Halloween decorations in your town/city?

Not necessarily, although if you find something you like you have to buy it right then and there because when you come back it will be gone!



What made you want to start making halloween videos?

I wanted to share this passion with others who had the same interests, I’ve met so many great people!

What is important themes to you when you make videos?

I will be re-branding my channel to feel a little more dark and realistic!

How much time do you spend of your day/week making videos?

as of right now, none. When I am in the full swing of things easily 10-15 hours per edited video

Can it sometimes be difficult for you to handle the fame by being a known Halloween persona?

Not famous in any sort of means so nope! lol

Clothing / style

Where do you usually buy your clothes ?

There are a few places online that I enjoy like sourpuss clothing, terror threads, cavity colors, wicked clothes, amazon, and in person I frequent old navy a bit haha

what style of clothing do you like to buy?

Black mostly, halloween and horror related


Do you wear Halloween/Horror styled clothes all year?


Whats your favourite Halloween clothing /accessories/bags/shoes tec?

I have quite a few Sam from Trick R treat shirts, a bunch of Iron Fist pumps, and the clothing purchased from above websites

Have you worked hard on your style?

Nope, it seriously needs some attention


Be sure to check out her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram !

Norwegian Halloween Stores: Tiger AKA The Flying Tiger Of Copenhagen!

Norwegian Halloween Stores!

So I just saw the amazing ghoul Halloween HappyΒ shared the first picture of Halloween/Fall decorations she has found this year! She found the cutest pumpkin at Hobby Lobby !
Picture by Sam @Halloweenhappy

This means its officially Halloween season again, guys!

So in the spirit of Halloween , I want to share some pictures ofΒ  last years Halloween stores! In this post its from :Β Flying Tiger Of Copenhagen AKA Tiger

As I have said before , the selection of decorations are not that big here in Norway yet , But it gets better for each year that passes!

Flying Tiger Of Copenhagen AKA Tiger opened a store last year , and they where also the first store to place out their Halloween decorations!

I was so excited to find a BRAND new store to shop from!

This was their entry setup , and I was like: I `LL HAVE EVERYTHING , THANK YOU.00020003
Just look at that cauldron , Its so amazing!Β 0004

And these pumpkin chocolates was so cuuute !00050006
I bought one of these spiderweb bowls , supercheap , but yet so stylish!00070008000900100011
Also , if there is anything i regret not buying , it was this REMOTE controlled spider!

Bodypart shaped candy is always a plus!
Definetly gonna buy this skull mug this year! πŸ˜€0021
Those pumpkinstraws are much bigger than they appear , but great quality!00220023002400250026002700280029
Also bought this DIY Jackolantern candleholder ! πŸ˜€


I just cant WAIT to see what they will have this year!
The fact that Halloween decorations are now finally hitting the stores in the USAΒ  , means there soon willΒ  be a chance to order from those stores onlinesites and have them ship it to Norway!



What do you plan on buying this year?

Halloween Birthday!

Batastic Accessories

So yesterday I celebrated my first Halloween birthday ever!πŸ–€πŸŽƒ

My twinsister decorated and baked the most gorgeous Halloween cakes and muffins!πŸ–€πŸŽƒ

She made this cake ,in a Victorian gothic inspired style, and it was delicious πŸ˜πŸ–€πŸŽƒ

She also made these cute ricemuffins with cute pumpkinsticks in themπŸŽƒπŸ–€πŸ˜

She loved her present that I Halloween up’ed a little!😍

So proud of how the table looked 😊


I can’t belive all the amazing Halloween gifts I got this birthday!πŸ–€πŸŽƒπŸ–€πŸŽƒ


Finally I have the complete target Halloween pin sets!πŸ–€πŸŽƒ


Got this little jewelrybag from my man!

This is the coolest watch I have ever seen 😍

And a witch ring!😍


And this amazing and huge pin will be so cool on my jacket!πŸ–€ Also awesome that it is on Norwegian: Everyday is Halloween!πŸŽƒ


I’m so lucky to have gotten a new amazing Halloween addicted friend , and she is also from Norway! What are the chances?!😁

Her name is Gro, shes the amazing Ghoul behind the Instagram @norwegian_halloween_queen !

She sent me the most gorgeous Halloween gift for my birthday, yesterday. And I love it so much!πŸ–€πŸŽƒπŸ–€


I have always wanted a gymbag like this one ,I’m so happy!😍


She also wrote me the cutest letterπŸŽƒπŸ–€πŸŽƒ


Gold and black spider dangles! So amazing!πŸ–€πŸŽƒπŸ–€πŸŽƒ


And then there’s this: A green glitter boo sign from Scotland!😍 This is the most amazing sign I have ever owned πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸŽƒ


These are for stacking carved pumpkins ,I was told😍😍


And this awesomeness will be put on my fridge this year!😍


I love inflatable Halloween decorations!πŸŽƒπŸ–€πŸŽƒπŸ–€πŸŽƒ And I got the pumpkin one πŸ˜πŸ–€πŸŽƒ


Halloween sew-on buttons!πŸŽƒπŸ–€πŸŽƒπŸ–€πŸŽƒπŸ–€ I will use them on my Halloween jacket!πŸŽƒπŸ–€


Just look as them!πŸ–€πŸŽƒπŸ–€πŸŽƒπŸ–€πŸŽƒπŸ˜πŸ˜


A new amazing pumpkin pendant for my collection!πŸŽƒπŸ–€πŸŽƒ


And she wrapped the gifts in these amazing Halloween gift bags πŸŽƒπŸ–€πŸ–€

Thank you so much for all the amazing gifts ,Gro!πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸŽƒ


This majestic Misfits Halloween vinyl ,I got from my man πŸŽƒπŸ–€

I have been looking for it for Γ…ges! It’s not the original press ,but I love it so much anyways!😍


He also gave this BIG SIZED and AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE pajamas! I have always wanted a pajamas that were big and loose fitted, and this is perfect πŸŽƒπŸ–€πŸŽƒ


And he also gave me this cuuuute pumpkin and ghost mug,for my Halloween mugs collection 😍😍😍


My amazing twinsister gave me this pumpkin bag from Sleepyville critters! I have been wanting this bag for over 2 years now,and she bought it for me 😍😍


And her man gave me this horror music DVD! I have never heard of it,so I’m pretty excited!πŸŽƒπŸ–€

Halloween Birthday Wishlist 2018!

Halloween Shopping!

This is just amazing!

I asked My friend Miranda aka @spookylittlehalloween, if we could do a birthday post together this year, and she came up with the brilliant idea to write ourself a Halloween birthday wishlist for Halloween 2018 !

Since we are both born in the first week of May , it’s meant to be!

So I haven’t written a wishlist since last Christmas, and not one for Halloween specifically, so this will be fun!

Be sure to check out Miranda’s wishlist!:http://spookylittlehalloween.com/2018/05/04/2018-halloween-birthday-wish-list/

Here’s my Halloween Birthday Wishlist for 2018!

Gracula onion slicer!

Sourpuss Bat blanket!

Pumpkin snowglobe!

Zombie TP holder!

Pumpkinbag from Sidecca!

Ghost plush from DR. Frankenbecky!

Candy corn bat lapel pin from dracmakens!

Boston Terrierlapel pin from Terriercvlt!

Black cat aka princess monstertruck drawing from Osterjoy !

Mini pumpkin bagfrom Love ,pain and stitches!

Pumpkin bag from Killstar!

Pumpkin mirror from better of dead designs!

So thats it for this years Halloween wishlist!

What do you have on your list this year?πŸŽƒ










Halloween Queen @ The Spooky Vegan!

Halloween Queens

Name: Sarah Jahier aka The Spooky Vegan
Age: 36
From: Southern California

Sarah is the amazing Ghoul behind the blog and Instagram: The Spooky Vegan!


What made you love Halloween so strongly?

I’ve always loved scary things, and I love how Halloween has developed into a holiday that celebrates all things spooky!

How did you get into Halloween?

I think it has always been in my bones, especially since I started reading horror novels and watching horror movies at a young age. Halloween is an extension of that, a time when I can share my love of spooky things with others.

What are your favorite things to do on/around Halloween?

I love visiting pumpkin patches, shopping for Halloween dΓ©cor (which basically becomes my house dΓ©cor year-round), going to haunts like Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios and checking out other haunted attractions, carving pumpkins, watching Halloween-themed horror movies, and eating pumpkin spice everything!

Can you remember which Halloween costume was your favorite one?

Yes! When I was around 6 or 7 my mom made me a witch costume and bought me a little broom to go with it. I loved that costume so much! My mom put so much time and love into it too, so it made it all the more special.

What does Halloween mean to you?

Halloween is a lifestyle and I embody it every day! I love that Halloween means celebrating everything that is spooky and embracing it all with childhood glee! It is a fun, joyful celebration of everything I love. To me, Halloween is a comforting time of year – it feels like being wrapped up in a cozy blanket while telling ghost stories in front of a roaring fire while the darkness presses in around you. Halloween feels like home and a time I can completely be my spooky self.

Of all the amazing Halloween candy you can get nowadays, what is your favorite? (Old Classics/New style candy etc.)

There are lots of vegan candy options out there, but I love the Sour Patch Zombie Kids!

What Halloween food and drinks are you most excited about?

Pretty much everything and anything pumpkin flavored! I love the non-dairy pumpkin spice lattes (made with coconut milk) from Peet’s Coffee. I also love baking up pumpkin bread and treats! I especially adore my recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (check it out here: https://www.thespookyvegan.com/2013/10/31-days-of-halloween-vegan-pumpkin.html)!

When do you start shopping for Halloween?

When do I stop?! I keep searching for Halloween items all year-round, but generally try to curb my spending so I can go crazy when Halloween items start hitting shelves in July, August, September and October! In July and August you can find me stalking the shelves of my local Michael’s, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and Target stores for Halloween goodies.

What about Halloween makes it your favorite holiday?

It encompasses everything I love. I love the cozy feel of autumn (though here in Southern California it is usually still hot this time of year), and the general atmosphere of the veil getting thinner around Halloween, allowing imaginations to run wild and honoring the dark side of life.

Do you think it has any negative sides to it?

Yes, that it doesn’t last longer!

What is the Favorite Halloween item you have?

Hmmmm, I’m not sure I have just one but I am fond of the Halloween-themed artwork I’ve started collecting the last few years. I’m not one for sprawling collections of Halloween items that will just sit in boxes or collect dust, so I’ve tried to minimize my spending on Halloween things (though I do love shopping for home dΓ©cor during Halloween season and always pick up a lot of lovely items) and instead focus on the special feeling Halloween brings.

Do you still go trick or treating?

No, but I do hand out candy to trick or treaters. Halloween is about the only time of year I can actually stand kids!

Can you remember your first Halloween memory?

My earliest Halloween memory is probably when my parents took me to a pumpkin patch. I remember running around and hiding in a teepee that was set up in the pumpkin patch. I also remember having Halloween parades at school, where everyone was dressed up and each class paraded around the schoolyard.

Do you keep all your Halloween decorations out all year or do you start decorating at a certain time?

I do keep most of my Halloween dΓ©cor up year-round, but in late August or early September I pull out the rest of my Halloween decorations and put them up.

Where do you buy your Halloween items?

Online, at conventions or Halloween festivals, or at stores like Michael’s, Homegoods, Target, and so on.

What is your favorite Halloween movie/series?

Trick β€˜r Treat followed closely by Hocus Pocus!

How is Halloween celebrated in the US?

Halloween is usually celebrated in the United States with dressing up in costumes and attending costume parties, going to pumpkin patches, trick or treating for kids or handing out candy if you’re an adult, attending haunt attractions, and celebrating everything spooky with scary stories, movies, music, and food!

Is it difficult finding Halloween decorations in your town/city?

Not at all! We have multiple year-round Halloween stores in addition to seasonal Halloween stores, not to mention that all stores here have some Halloween-themed products when September and October roll around.


What made you want to start a Halloween blog?

I used to run a horror movie site, and when that was finished I wanted my own space to write about everything and anything I wanted, including Halloween! I adore Halloween so much and I wanted to share that love with others.

What is important themes to you when you write posts?

I only write what I want, and that basically boils down to anything Halloween, horror, or vegan-related!

How much time do you spend of your day/week writing posts?

It varies depending on the time of year, but usually I try to spend one day a week planning or writing posts. I’ve been a bit lax with this schedule this year, though, but with new Halloween events on the horizon (there is always something Halloween-related happening here in SoCal!), I’m looking forward to focusing more on writing new posts.

Can it sometimes be difficult for you to handle the fame by being a known Halloween blogger?

I don’t consider myself famous by any means, so it is always unexpectedly delightful when someone recognizes me in real life! I love meeting fellow spookies!


Where do you usually buy your clothes?

I’m not much of a clothes shopper, so I usually get my clothes from online shops as well as in-stores.

What style of clothing do you like to buy?

Anything and everything black, bonus points if it is gothic or witchy style. I love everything with bats!

Do you have any tips on where to find awesome Halloween clothing for the rest of us Halloween addicts?

I love the horror movie tees that Cavity Colors (https://cavitycolors.com/) has been putting out, and there are lots of other great indie companies making fun Halloween tees. I also love perusing Sourpuss Clothing, as well as indie companies like Drklght Clothing (http://www.drklght.com/), SophiReaptress (http://www.sophireaptress.com/), and so many more I usually discover at Halloween and horror conventions.

Do you wear Halloween/Horror styled clothes all year?

Yes, though my style is more minimalist goth than anything else – I’m my go-to outfit is black skinny jeans, black canvas shoes, a black top, and a witchy, flowy wrap accessorized with a Halloween necklace and a skull-covered purse.

What are your favorite Halloween clothing /accessories/bags/shoes etc.?

I love accessorizing with Halloween and horror jewelry – I have lots of spooky pendants and Halloween necklaces I’ve picked up at Halloween conventions and events. I also adore Halloween bags – I have ones shaped like bats, pumpkins, and decorated with skulls, coffins, and haunted houses! Since I wear a lot of black, I like wearing jewelry and using handbags that standout! When temperatures are cooler, I also love wearing Halloween scarves; my favorite is a pumpkin orange one with black bats.

Have you worked hard on your style?

I’ve gotten lazier as I’ve gotten older, and now ease and comfort is more important to me than style! Again, I do love incorporating little Halloween and horror flourishes into my outfits, though. Even my workout gear has a touch of spookiness to it!

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