Halloween Queen: The Haunted Bat!

Halloween Queens

Name: Lizzie
Age: 20 (21 on the 21st February 2018)
From : UK, England, Surrey


Lizzie is the amazing ghoul  behind  The Haunted Bat medias!

She is well known in the Halloween community all over the world , and as the coincidens has it  , she also lives in Europe !

So let’ find out where this ghoulies Halloween interest started!

What made you love Halloween so strongly?
I have always been a crazy cat lady; and my family have always had black cats. This led me naturally to want to dress-up as a witch all through my childhood. My sister then showed me the Addams Family films, and since then I have been hooked on all things spooky!

How did you get into Halloween ?
My family used to low-key celebrate it when I was younger; and the obsession just grew! It definitely originated around black cats; but I quickly became obsessed with ghosts… and pumpkins!

Image (56)

What is your favourite things to do on/around Halloween ?

Most years I hold a Halloween party for family and friends, full of spooky games and food!

Tim Burton party: I was Edward Scissorhands

12109237_1057647817593494_8880822220156348748_n.jpgAddams Family Party: I was cousin Itt:

But this year I had my FAVOURITE Halloween yet! My boyfriend and I went out for dinner; and then went to watch a Horror film at the cinema. It was very casual; but I had such a good night!

Can you remember which Halloween costume was your favourite one?
Cousin Itt definitely!

What does Halloween mean to you?
Everything! I am surrounded by it pretty much 24/7. I love all the warm colours of autumn which accompanies Halloween; makes me feel all cozy inside. If you watch my videos you may know that I have cried (multiple times) on camera from ‘spookiness overload’, which is when I get something perfectly spooky!


Of all the amazing Halloween candy you can get nowadays, what is your favourite? (Old Classics/ New style candy etc)
I love candy corns, but you can not get them in the UK stores. Luckily, I know a lovely ghoul in America; who I do yearly Halloween Swap Boxes with – and she sends me candy corn supplies! Although, saying that, Kitty’s Boo-tique (an online UK store which launched last Halloween) has started stocking them!


What Halloween food and drinks are you most excited about?
My favourite Halloween food HAS to be Marks and Spencers ‘Witch’s Fingers’ biscuits.


When do you start shopping for Halloween?
I generally shop all year round, but the proper Halloween shopping starts in August! A top tip is to look in every shop’s ‘Sale Section’ as I often find Halloween decorations and clothing left over in there! I also LOVE carboot sales; I am always finding amazing Halloween items in them.


What about halloween makes it your favorite holiday?
I usually go all out for most holidays; but Halloween is the only one I never get bored of! I definitely prefer the spooky side of Halloween, rather than the Horror side (even though I love Horror films!)!


What is the Favourite Halloween item you have?
It is so hard to choose! I love all my ornaments, especially the ones which are black cats on pumpkins. One of my all-time favourites is a custom piece. The Midnight Crafter (she also has Youtube) made me ‘The Haunted Bat Shoppe’ and it is honestly breath-taking. She featured all my favourite things: Shopping, ghosts, bats, toadstools, pumpkins and vintage illustrations.
The draws all open and are filled with various spooky and witchy things: Bats wings, spider legs and witch’s potions (to name a few!).
She also featured my black cat Gomez, and my three-legged bearded dragon Tripod.

The Midnight Crafter is such a talented lady!


Do you still go trick or treating?
No, but I wish I could! Where I live after you hit the age of about 12 you are seen as ‘too old’ (BOO!)

Can you remember your first Halloween memory?

My first memory is going trick or treating for the fist time. I was dressed as a Black Cat (surprise, surprise!). A friend from Primary school invited us over, and we went around her village trick or treating. I remember being so excited because I was given a plastic rat!

Do you keep all your Halloween decorations out all year or do you start decorating at a certain time?
All year! Although I do have some larger pieces up in the roof which I bring down for October!


Whats your favourite halloween movie?
Trick R’ Treat and The Addams Family

How is Halloween celebrated in the UK?
Halloween in the UK gets bigger every year and I AM LOVING IT! Only problem is that the shops usually do not stock their Halloween items for long. The Christmas stuff starts coming in early October! It is relatively rare where I live for people to decorate for Halloween.

Is it difficult finding Halloween decorations in your town/city?
The main supermarkets stock decorations around Halloween season! But this year I brought most of my stuff online (*cough* Kitty’s Boo-tique *cough*).


I am definitely getting more selective each year, and shops are beginning to bring out less-tacky items.
_________________________________________Lizzie has an amazing Youtube channel!


Her videos are really good for the Halloween soul to watch! She usually has really detailed unboxing videos of all the cool stuff she gets from all over the world.
She posts videos all year round , which is good news when post Halloween depression sets in.

What made you want to start making Halloween videos?
I began with small reviews and hauls mainly. I normally google reviews before buying anything online. I realised  that I couldn’t find many detailed reviews for the type of things I was buying – and thought well I might as well give it a go. Since then I have loved making videos. I realised that I could also let other know about smaller shops and companies; who deserve some love and recognition.

I studied Photography as one of my A-Levels at college. Therefore, I have always been comfortable in-front of and behind the camera.

What is important themes to when you make videos?
I like to keep them spooky! But overall honest!! In my opinion too many larger Youtubers can be fake during their hauls, reviews and unboxings; claiming that everything is amazing. I want to ensure that I give an honest and accurate review of the items I obtain.

How much time do you spend of your day/week making videos?
I am currently training to be a Primary School Teacher at University. I also must work alongside my studies to fund my living and bad shopping habits! So fitting YouTube in can be tricky. Juggling my studies, work, social life, family and Youtube means that I can not stick to a set filming schedule. On average I film for 4 hours a week; and edit for about 10 hours! I just aim for at least one video a week! During Halloween season it can get a bit crazy because I upload so many more videos whilst also co-running 3 Halloween pages on Facebook and my Instagram.


Can it sometimes be difficult for you to handle the fame buy being a known Halloween youtuber?
Over the years my channel and Instagram page has been growing slowly but steadily. I have loved meeting and talking to people within the Halloween community; I honestly never expected there to be so many spooky people out there! My only difficulty is that there are not enough hours in the day, or days in the week!


She also has an amazing Halloween wardrobe! very gothic, yet filled with Halloween styles as well!


Where do you usually buy your clothes?
Online! I buy most of my spooky clothes online. BUT I do buy some staple pieces, such as plain black t-shirts, jeans, skirts, dresses and cardigans, in high-street clothing stores.

what style of clothing do you like to buy?
Anything black, anything velvet, anything with pumpkins, bats or cats on!
I love dresses; especially skater-cut dresses – with a nice cozy long cardigan on top.

Do you have any tips on where to find awesome Halloween clothing for the rest of us halloween addicts?
My favourite online clothing stores are (Since I live in UK):
Attitude Clothing
EMP Clothing
Hell Bunny
Too Fast


Oh and of course you can buy so many gorgeous pieces off eBay!

Do you wear Halloween/Horror styled clothes all year?
Yes – although when I am in school teaching I just stick to plain black clothing (with an odd bat thrown in here and there!)

What’s your favourite Halloween clothing /accessories/bags/shoes etc?

I love Hell Bunny Halloween print dresses!

I own over 300 Halloween, Spooky and Gothic necklaces. So, it is hard to pick! I have been working very closely with Simply Gothic over the past year and I have fallen in-love with so many of her pieces.


I’m a creature of habit – I have used the same handbag for four years! It is a velvet and lace bag which my boyfriend brought me while we were on holiday. It was from an awesome little witchy store; and has a pentagram embroided on it. I have COVERED it in spooky pins!Same with my vest!

Again – creature of habit – I usually wear plain all black Vans. They are the perfect everyday shoe for me: casual and comfy! The work very will for all my daily activities. If I am not wearing vans; I am wearing boots. I love gothic pikes and winkle pickers. I recommend the Gothic Shoe Company.


Have you worked hard on your style?
My style has developed slowly over time! It started with small little spooky features and elements; and very quickly it took over. My style developed most while I was at college, I had freedom, a job and money to spend! I was finally able to buy and do all the things I had been dreaming about! I do greatly believe in crafting and recycling – so I never throw anything away. I usually only buy things if I can’t make them.



I do also have a collection of Halloween styled Tattoos including a BatCat, bats, Pumpkin patch, Vintage style black Halloween cat and a Cat Ghost.


Check out Lizzies social medias , and have your day filled with Halloween coolness 🎃🖤








* All pictures by the haunted bat except kitty’ bootuiqe and Simply Gothic .

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