Halloween Queen :Catleesi Mother of Kittens!

Halloween Queens
Name: Catleesi (Erin)
Age: 31
From : Richmond, VA, USA
Erin , is the colorfull person behind the Halloween filled Instagram; Catleesi Mother of Kittens! And that profile name is perfect for her since she is a foster mom for kittens and all other kinds of lucky animals! She’s my heroine and such an Inspiration to appreciate life and  everything it has to offer so I just had to introduce her to you all! 🎃
 What made you love Halloween so strongly?
Growing up my father was always into halloween and “creepy” things. Decorating together was the highlight of our year. I always really enjoyed it, though I can’t quite pinpoint way. Genetics, maybe? haha. My dad still lives in NY where I grew up, but every year he takes time off and comes down here to help me decorate.
 How  did you  get into Halloween ?
My father just brought me up loving Halloween. I actually can’t remember a time I WASN’T into halloween, haha.
What is your favorite things to do on/around halloween ?
Decorate, pick apples, go to the pumpkin patch, carve pumpkins, go to haunted attractions!
Can you remeber which Halloween costume was your favourtite one?
I really liked my zombie mermaid costume I did the one year for zombie walk. I actually won a bunch of prizes with that one, so I have a special place in my heart for it!
What does Halloween mean to you?
I feel like it has a dual meaning to me. First of all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for me, and it represents fun and spookiness and being as me as I can be…but Samhain also represents a lot of things on the spiritual side as well.
Of all the amazing Halloween candy you can get now adays , what is your favourite? ( Old Classics/ New style candy etc )
Do caramel apples count? I’m a sucker for those.
What Halloween food and drinks are you most excited about?
hot apple cider, mulled wine, caramel apples, and roasted pumpkin seeds!
When do you start shopping for Halloween ?
I kind of never stop, haha. I shop and collect all year because I build a lot of my decor. Last year we built a massive 9ft by 16ft pirate ship and I was already collecting wood the year before. You can never be too prepared, right?
What about  halloween makes it your favorite holiday?
Just the general spooky fun. I’m a goth kid for life so I feel like it’s a holiday specifically for all us spooky weirdos, haha.
Do you think it has any  negative sides to it?
That it ends! That’s the only downside I can think of.
What is the Favorite Halloween item you have?
It’s silly but I have this old retro light up ghost from the 80s when I was a kid. It has this special feeling of nostalgia attached to it. That’s gotta be my favorite. Followed by the coffins we built. I would say the ship we made, but it’s been dismantled.
Do you still go trick or treating?
I don’t, I prefer to pass out candy now.
Can you remember your first Halloween memory?
Probably my earliest is carving pumpkins with my father. I made one with a cat on it and I was super proud, but looking back, it looked terrible.
Do you keep all your Halloween decorations out all year or do you start decorating at a certain time ?
I usually start building my props in May but I keep everything in the garage until the 2nd week of Sept. Then I start putting it out. it’s usually all displayed by Oct 1st.
Where do you buy your Halloween items?
Some I buy online or from Target or Spirit Halloween, others I make.
Whats your favourite halloween movie/series?
Halloween. The original. I know it’s cliche, but it’s amazing. I also love Silence of the lambs.
How is Halloween celebrated  in the US?
It varies from place to place. Here we have pumpkin patches and hayrides, corn mazes, haunted houses, Apple picking, and the amusement parks go all out for Halloween and have special events. We also have a Halloween parade every year!
Is it difficult finding Halloween decorations in your town/city?
No. Richmond is kinda “southern gothic” by default, so they’re pretty readily available. We have this super cool year round store called Rest in pieces that sells ethically sourced bones and occult type stuff, too.
 Photo by: Erin Jacopec
Clothing / style
Erin has a new amazing style every day, but they all have roots in the gothic  style.
Where do you usually buy your clothes ?
All over the place, really. Online, Hot Topic, Killstar, Target, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe. Thrift stores.
what style of clothing do you like to buy?
Anything gothy and dark. Basically the more otherworldly I look, the better, haha.
Do you have any tips on where to find awesome Halloween clothing for the rest of us halloween addicts?
Unique vintage has sales a lot and if you check in the off season you’re liable to get some sweet deals. Also there’s a brand called cowcow that you can find on Amazon that has some cool halloween patterned dresses. Other than that I suggest just kind of looking at clothes in a different light. I’ve put together some cool outfits just using department store clothes.
Do you wear Halloween/Horror styled clothes all year?
Yes, I do. Every so often I get asked if I’m wearing a costume, but I’ve never had anyone react poorly to it.
Whats your favourite Halloween clothing /accessories/bags/shoes etc?
I love my puffy black cat dress! I wish I could remember where I got it.
Have you worked hard on your style?
I’m not sure. I feel like it just…comes naturally? Like this is just my natural state so there’s not a whole lot of work involved. Though I do spend some time on my makeup!
Be sure to check out her Instagram http://www.instagram.com/catleesi_mother_of_kittens for amazing pictures of styles and kittens!
Thank you so much for the interview , Erin!🎃
*All pictures owned by Erin/Catleesi mother of Kittens.

6 thoughts on “Halloween Queen :Catleesi Mother of Kittens!

  1. That was so cool…. Erin is a very talented person. I look foreward to Halloween and helping her out with decorating. Know what she is doing this year? Sorry. It’s a secret. Lol


  2. Erin is the most amazing and talented person I know. I love her beauty inside and out. I love her fashion sense. She is very talented. Her make up is superb. I am so very proud and glad she is my daughter. I love how she decorates and dresses for Halloween, so very cool. She is so generous, helpful and caring to all who ask her for help. The interview is wonderful. Thank you.


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