October 31st Unboxing!

Halloween Mail!

Hi everyone!

Today I have an amazing Unboxing to show you all !

It’s from the UK based Halloween shop called October 31st . They sell all kinds of ghoulish items all year round so your Halloween addicted heart can shop when you want!

There was so much stuff they had that I wanted , but ended up buying  two adorebole cuties🎃

And I must say the wrapping they came in was so stunnig:


Just look at the perect Halloween orange silk paper , sealed with the cutest candy corn sticker 🖤sketch-1518017195194 They also included this  scary, but amazing letter :sketch-1518017235400sketch-1518017277104

Also got these little treats🎃🖤🎃


So finally , let me show you what I bought!


I have been wanting these two candy corns since the day they popped up in the store🖤

The plush toy is just so cute , and I will hang it on my Halloween tree, since it colors and size is perfect ornament size!🎃


And of course, the little plastic candy corn pin. This little beautie will be going directly on my Halloween pin vest🖤🎃


I’m definitely going to buy some more stuff from them in the future!




Check out my Unboxing video of the awesomeness!

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