Dr. Frankenbecky Unboxing!

Halloween Mail!

Welcome to another unboxing!

This one I’m really excited to show you all, cause its a really special item to me🖤

First time I saw it was October 4th 2017. And I immediately knew that I needed to buy it !

And since the creator of it is located in the UK ,shipping was superfast when I first ordered it and on January 3rd 2018 it was mine!


Just look at the wrapping it came in,with a thank you sticker and a amazing silverglitter giftband 🖤


So here he is! The Pumpkin Llama from Dr.Frankenbecky!

Just look at the cute green bow he has! It matches the orange so well!
You also get an Dr.Frankenbecky authentication card! Since alot of fake pages has started selling her products latly , she had to make these cards to send out with every order she made . So if you order one of her items from anyone else than her etsy shop , beware of fakes.
sketch-1518015842113sketch-1518015801319Im just in love with his black little ears ,priceless !
Just the whole pumpkin face on this Llama is just perfect.
And yes! That IS a green pumpkin STEM on the top of his head !sketch-1518016123650

Here you can see him beeing unboxed!


Dr.Frankennecky doesnt only sell these cool  llamas  , she also has krampuses , beasterbunnies , ghosts , devils , bats , pumpkin bats , and a whole lot more at her etsy store : www.etsy.com/shop/DrFrankenBecky

And just in time for Easter she has made the most awesome Easter card :

Check her out today and order yourself something amazing!
Vero : Dr Frankenbecky

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