Halloween Queen: Cromwellwitch

Halloween Queens

Name: Bailley


From : United States

Bailley is the amazing Ghoul behind the name cromwell witch accounts!🎃

She makes the coolest Halloween YouTube videos and her pictures are amazing 🎃🖤

What made you love Halloween so strongly?

I find everything about Halloween utterly enchanting. I tend to get really corny when I talk about how I feel about Halloween. It’s just such a magical time of year; you can really just feel something crackling in the air in October. I love the glow of Halloween lights, the decorations, the weather, the costumes, the candy, the element of the unknown. It’s all of my favorite things in one glorious holiday!

How did you get into Halloween ?

My mom is also really into Halloween, so it was always a big deal in my house growing up. Although, she’ll be the first one to admit I’ve taken it to a whole new level.

What is your favorite things to do on/around halloween ?

Going to all the stores and just taking everything in they’ve got in stock. Even if I don’t buy anything, seeing the shelves stocked with Halloween goodies is the first taste of the season. I always take time to watch old TV specials and movies that I grew up with. There’s also this really amazing corn maze and pumpkin patch that I try to hit every year.

Can you remeber which Halloween costume was your favourtite one?

Aaaah! Can I pick a couple? When I was in middle school, I was a nun with tattoos and a cigarette which was a big hit in the neighborhood. Recently, I’ve done Winifred Sanderson and a pumpkin head that I am really proud of.

What does Halloween mean to you?

Halloween means happiness. Nothing brings me as much joy as seeing smiling jack-o-lanterns and smelling that crisp fall air. Halloween just makes me unapologetically happy, which I guess is why I try to keep Halloween with me all year.

Of all the amazing Halloween candy you can get now adays , what is your favourite? ( Old Classics/ New style candy etc )

I love mellowcreme pumpkins! They are quintessential Halloween fare.

What Halloween food and drinks are you most excited about?

Halloween Oreos are a defining Halloween food for me. My family always saves them to eat on the actual day itself. I also love making witches’ fingers with my mom.

When do you start shopping for Halloween ?

More like when do I ever stop? 🙂 Seriously, I did just find a few things the other day that I snagged. Usually, though I would say July, when most stores start stocking new Halloween pieces.

What about halloween makes it your favorite holiday?

It’s such a cheerful holiday. You get to put up fun decorations and dress up. You don’t have to stress over gifts, you just get to enjoy a fun holiday filled with spooky goodness.

Do you think it has any negative sides to it?

I think it gets a bad rap from certain people because it deals with the dead and has a pagan origin, but you still see those same people celebrating Easter with pagan symbolism no problem so….

What is the Favorite Halloween item you have?

Oh man! Uhhh… I would say my animatronic witch and Frankenstein. They’re about 12 inches tall and I think my mom bought them in the 80’s. I love them so much. They make me smile every year. This past year when I was in Halloweentown I actually found a vampire version as well that I added to the family!

Do you still go trick or treating?

Yes! You can pry trick or treating from my cold, dead hands. For me, trick or treating is the ultimate Halloween experience. All of October is special, but being out on Halloween night, walking around spooky neighborhoods is beyond magical.

Can you remember your first Halloween memory?

My earliest Halloween memory is very fuzzy and it’s of me trick or treating in my neighborhood with sandwich bags around my shoes because it was raining that night. Like that’s it, that’s all I remember.

Do you keep all your Halloween decorations out all year or do you start decorating at a certain time ?

I do have a lot of spooky décor. I have bats and gargoyles and tombstones up all year, but I usually save most of my Halloween decorations for the season. I’ve found that when I keep up a lot all year, I’m not as excited when October rolls around. Consequently, I moderate a bit of what I keep up. I’ve still got some Halloween goodies out though, they just make me so happy.

Where do you buy your Halloween items?

All over. I really like Target’s Halloween collection, so I usually grab some items from there. But I pick up Halloween from antique stores, thrift shops, Wal-Mart, Target, and shops on Etsy. Basically, if they sell Halloween, I’m there.

Whats your favourite halloween movie/series?

I’m going to avoid the traditional answers here and go with The Scream Team. It was a Disney Channel Original Movie from I think 2002 and it’s one of my all-time favorites.

How is Halloween celebrated in the US?

Candy and hijinks abound on Halloween. Traditionally, people dress up in costumes and either go trick or treating or throw parties or go to haunted houses.

Is it difficult finding Halloween decorations in your town/city?

Nope, decorations are everywhere.


What made you want to start making halloween videos?

I’m very passionate about Halloween and I love to talk about things relating to the holiday, so I thought that a YouTube channel would be a good outlet where I could ramble on about all of the creepy things I’m interested in.

What is important themes to you when you make videos?

I try to keep all of my videos positive. I see my channel as a space where people who love Halloween can celebrate together all year round. With how dark life can get, I want to offer as much positive Halloween cheer as I can. I’m a firm believer in escapism, so I try to keep my videos upbeat and fun so that viewers can forget about their problems and just revel in creepy cheer for a bit. I’m not necessarily a positive person, so I’ve caught myself a few times I’ll be down on something or complaining. That’s not what I want on my channel. I want people to enjoy whatever time they spend on my channel.

How much time do you spend of your day/week making videos?

Eek! Okay, I’ve been rather inconsistent with my videos. BUT I’m working to on being more regular on my channel. So this past week, I’ve probably spend several hours filming and editing new videos. Stay Tuned!!

Can it sometimes be difficult for you to handle the fame by being a known Halloween persona?

Hahahaha! I don’t think the word “fame” applies here! My YouTube channel actually has a very small audience, who I love. I really appreciate it when people take time out of their day to watch one of my videos. That’s a very flattering thing and I’m incredibly grateful if even one person watches me ramble on about Halloween. It’s so nice to be able to share something you’re passionate with others who share that passion. I was raised on Internet Stranger Danger propaganda, so I’m a bit paranoid about sharing personal info online. Consequently, I’m not sure how well I would handle it if lots of people did know who I was.


Clothing / style

Where do you usually buy your clothes ?

Again, all over! A lot of them come from thrift shops and online. I own a lot of Sourpuss clothing. I also use apps like Depop and Poshmark to score deals on clothes. I’m a bargain babe all the way, never pay full price!

what style of clothing do you like to buy?

I really like vintage style clothing, although my preferred decade changes daily.

Do you have any tips on where to find awesome Halloween clothing for the rest of us halloween addicts?

Sourpuss, Pinup Girl Clothing is pricey but they have cute prints (try searching on Depop or Poshmark), Sweet Midnight has adorable prints on everything from shoes to dresses, Hell Bunny, check out your local thrift stores! You have to be in the mood to dig, but I have found some great Halloween shirts and sweaters for crazy prices.

Do you wear Halloween/Horror styled clothes all year?

Yes! I love my creepy clothes and I wear them all the time. I’ve had several coworkers tell me they love to see what strange getup I’m wearing each day… which I’m not sure is complimentary.

Whats your favourite Halloween clothing /accessories/bags/shoes tec?

Actually, I have this outfit that I wore while I was in Halloweentown which has all of my favorite pieces. It’s such a feel good outfit. There’s a jack-o-lantern dress from Pinup Girl Clothing, witch boots from Y.R.U, and my beautiful pumpkin purse from Love Pain and Stitches. The whole ensemble just screams Halloween and it just makes me happy when I wear it. (Plus the dress has pockets)

Have you worked hard on your style?

Not really. My style is very inconsistent. One day I’ll be in 5 inch platforms and a skeleton dress and the next I’ll look like a disheveled grandma. I like to play dress up and that comes through in my day to day clothes.


Check out Cromwell with here! :



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