Halloween Queen : @halloweenxo!

Halloween Queens

Name: Venus
From : Long Beach, CA

Venus is the amazing Ghoul behind the Instagram @halloweenxo!

Her pictures are legendary, and her enchanting Instagram is addictive!


What made you love Halloween so strongly?

My Mom came to the USA from Costa Rica and when she did, she embraced all of the U.S. holidays full force but Halloween was a favorite. She would sew all of our costumes by hand, throw Halloween parties with my neighbors (bobbing for apples included) and there was a certain sweet smell in the autumn air that, to this day, is the smell of Halloween to me.

What is your favorite things to do on/around halloween ?

Halloween hunting! I live for that time of year when retail catches up with the rest of us ghouls. Stepping out into stores full decorated, houses flickering in a spooky glow – it’s as close as I am gonna get to Halloweentown! Nowadays, my favorite thing is spreading the Halloween love on my IG and my blog so other Halloween fiends can fatten their collections. I do the Halloween work so you don’t have to!

Can you remeber which Halloween costume was your favourtite one?

Age 5 Little Red Riding Hood – My Mom made my dress, bonnet and basket. This is the first Halloween I fully remember and is the moment my little heart turned into a pumpkin. In homage to this, I recreated this costume 25 years later with a gory twist.

What does Halloween mean to you?

It truly is a warm feeling behind the ribs and I’ve legit teared up explaining what Halloween means to me. Maybe that’s silly but I had a rocky childhood so Halloween was magical, fun and more importantly… safe. Halloween may inspire creeps and scares but I found it to be my comfort zone.

Of all the amazing Halloween candy you can get now adays , what is your favourite? ( Old Classics/ New style candy etc )

No matter how full I am….I will always have a place in my belly for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin. MmmMmM!!!!

What Halloween food and drinks are you most excited about?

Trader Joe’s pumpkin everything! Tied would be all the Halloween inspired food at Disneyland. OMG. Help me!!!!

When do you start shopping for Halloween ?

Is it horrible to say…. I never stop? LOL! The internet is a rabbit hole of Halloween treasures. Also living in Southern California, there are a lot of spooky shops: Halloweentown, Bearded Lady Vintage, Creature Features, Dark Delicacies. We also get festivals like SpookShow throughout the year – soooo basically, Halloween shopping just never ends if you don’t want it to.

Do you think it has any negative sides to it?

I really don’t like seeing Halloween fiends being taken advantage of by those people who go to stores, buy up all the Halloween mugs/plates/whatever and then mark them up to $85 on Ebay. I think hunting these down are the funnest part of Halloween and these people just totally ruin that. I know people still buy them at that price but it just sucks seeing a mug I bought for $3.99 at the store being sold for almost $100 online.

What is the Favorite Halloween item you have?

The one thing that always comes to mind when I’m asked this question is: My pre-lit bat Candelabra from the 2004 Halloween collection at Target. At that time, I had just moved into my own place and was super struggling buuut I was determined to make that beauty mine and didn’t care if I was eating rice burritos for the next week! I have to say my Halloween magazine and book collection would be a close 2nd along with my Haunted Mansion items.

Do you still go trick or treating?

I don’t knock on doors anymore but I will go out with my nephew fully dressed from head to toe and live vicariously through him. LOL! The area we go to is known for their Halloween decor & good candy. I might not trick or treat but I do make it a point to dress up each year and my costumes usually require a lot of work. Recent favorites: Madame Leota, The Birds inspired, Halloween Queen and Cemetery Witch. I am really lucky that my job not only supports my Halloween spirit but they expect it! I work in a professional setting but during Halloween they let me go wild with decor and costume.

Can you remember your first Halloween memory?

I was 4 – My Mom was painting me blue ( I was Smurfette) and my brother green ( He was the incredible Hulk). She made my costume but I remember her putting balloons in my brothers ripped shirt to give him muscles.

Do you keep all your Halloween decorations out all year or do you start decorating at a certain time ?

Halloween 24/7 – ALL. YEAR. LONG. During the actual season I bring out more lights, candles, carve out jack o ‘ lanterns and hang spiderwebs to make it extra special. This year I have a special theme in mind and I cannot wait to see if I can bring it to life.

Where do you buy your Halloween items?

EVERYWHERE. I seriously think I have internal Halloween radar because if it’s Halloween and I am in the vicinity, I will find it! Every road trip I go on and every country I visit, I make it a point to find pieces to add to my Halloween home.

Whats your favourite halloween movie/series?

EEEK so many! Instead of music, I put movies on for background noise. Halloweentown is my favorite to have on while doing stuff around the house. I think a lot of Halloweenies relate to Marnie’s love for Halloween and we all wish we had Cromwell magic. I think Halloween and horror tend to go hand in hand. In recent years ‘Tales of Halloween’ has been on heavy rotation. I like the vibe it gives me, fun yet scary Halloween… Kinda like me 🙂

Is it difficult finding Halloween decorations in your town/city?

I am very fortunate to live in Southern California where I have access to everything. Halloween really is available all year long pretty much! Between Monsterpalooza, Halloween Clubs SpookShow and now Midsummer Scream just being the next block over from me…. I have to say I am grateful and fortunate to be surrounded by so many creepy treats.

_______________________________________ instagram

What made you want to start a Halloween Instagram?

I have a private and personal Instagram that I’ve had since the app first started. Within a few months, I noticed a big hole… HALLOWEEN posts. One day I decided to start a separate IG to share my Halloween crafts I was selling at that time and all the spooky adventures I would go on. Then that morphed into a daily Halloween countdown and now my IG is a playground of hauls, orange alerts, countdowns and Halloween eye candy.

What is important themes to you when you post pictures?

I love photography! I’ve been lucky enough to have art houses feature my work, and it’s also part of what I do for a living now, so it’s important to me that my aesthetic comes across in the photos I post. Especially as Halloween becomes further embraced as a lifestyle, carving out a niche amongst a sea of users can be difficult but I think developing your own style is the key. I think no matter what I post – as long as my style comes across, then it’s mission accomplished for me. When people tell me they know it’s my photo without even looking at the username…. THAT makes my day.

Can it sometimes be difficult for you to handle the fame by being a known Halloween persona?

I never ever, ever, EVER expected my IG to be where it is now (not that it’s a gazillion followers or anything) but I remember reaching 1,000 followers after like TWO YEARS of posting and thinking “WOO HOO! I’ve made it! ”. Now that I am getting closer to 10,000 it feels a bit more… intense? I don’t even know if that’s the right word I am looking for.

I recently spoke out about my social anxiety on IG and how that crept into my social media. I really had to take a step back, look at myself and take a breath. It’s thanks to social media I’ve had some AMAZING opportunities these past few years. I appreciate all the dreamy opportunities I’ve been given and this year I am going to give some spooky love right back. Details coming soon!

Ps: She also have a blog where where she post all her spooky ideas and pictures! She is is slowly transitioning from her old blog to a new one,but be sure to check them both out!


Clothing / style

what style of clothing do you like to buy?

I am probably the most casual ghoul on the block so it’s pretty much Halloween and Horror tees.

Do you have any tips on where to find awesome Halloween clothing for the rest of us halloween addicts?

Sourpuss Clothing gets Halloween – they 100% get it. I love them. Also Modcloth has a lot of Hallween dresses and blouses that make me swoon. Sign up for mailing lists, get coupons!

Do you wear Halloween/Horror styled clothes all year?

Yes! Even at work I’ll pull in Halloween elements whether it’s my shoes, headband or a pin – I am repping Halloween everywhere I go.

Whats your favourite Halloween clothing /accessories/bags/shoes tec?

My Haunted Mansion bags are my favorite. Some of them get hard to find (or expensive) so when they’re released I jump on them.

Have you worked hard on your style?

Not at all! The halloweenxo starter pack consists of: Halloween/horror tee cut to fit, skinny jeans, ballet flats or vans, headband and a light jacket with some kind of spooky pin! Give me my pumpkin purse and I am good to go.


Be sure to follow Venus on her Instagram and her blog for amazing DIYs!




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  1. Thank you for this! WOW, you really did such a wonderful job and you picked out the best photos. I am going to have to post this on my IG so other people can read this and about the other queens you’ve feature. All the Halloween hugs!

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