Happy Friday The 13th! ( Kitty`s Boo-tique Unboxing! )

Halloween Mail!

Happy Friday The 13th!

I have the most amazing unboxing for you all! And its PURRFECT for this day!

These items I have ordered is from the amazing UK based Halloween shop Kitty`s Boo-tigue!

They sell Halloween stuff all year round , wich makes me avery happy halloween camper , since the shipping aint expenseive and shipping is super fast!

Ever since The Haunted Bat shared this Sourpuss rug in her own Kittys Boo-tique unboxing video , I just had to have one for myself!
It has a great size , and is perfect for every room in the house!

And I just NEEDED to get myself this next item . It did also come as a spiderweb and a Ouija borad pallet , but I fell in love with THIS one :

This bat keyholder is currently being used as a jewlry holder , but will be hung in my hallway when Halloween comes!

And last but not least : These Amazing salt and pepper shakers from Johanna Parker Designs!These ones I also saw on The Haunted Bats profile , so I had to buy these as well ! 😀  They are so adorebole <3Here is the unboxing video of this amazing box of halloween joy!


So I hope you all enjyed these items as much as I do!

I will now spend this Friday watching all the good horror movies related to  this glorious day!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Norwegian Halloween

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