Halloween Birthday Wishlist 2018!

Halloween Shopping!

This is just amazing!

I asked My friend Miranda aka @spookylittlehalloween, if we could do a birthday post together this year, and she came up with the brilliant idea to write ourself a Halloween birthday wishlist for Halloween 2018 !

Since we are both born in the first week of May , it’s meant to be!

So I haven’t written a wishlist since last Christmas, and not one for Halloween specifically, so this will be fun!

Be sure to check out Miranda’s wishlist!:http://spookylittlehalloween.com/2018/05/04/2018-halloween-birthday-wish-list/

Here’s my Halloween Birthday Wishlist for 2018!

Gracula onion slicer!

Sourpuss Bat blanket!

Pumpkin snowglobe!

Zombie TP holder!

Pumpkinbag from Sidecca!

Ghost plush from DR. Frankenbecky!

Candy corn bat lapel pin from dracmakens!

Boston Terrierlapel pin from Terriercvlt!

Black cat aka princess monstertruck drawing from Osterjoy !

Mini pumpkin bagfrom Love ,pain and stitches!

Pumpkin bag from Killstar!

Pumpkin mirror from better of dead designs!

So thats it for this years Halloween wishlist!

What do you have on your list this year?🎃










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