Norwegian Halloween Stores: Tiger AKA The Flying Tiger Of Copenhagen!

Norwegian Halloween Stores!

So I just saw the amazing ghoul Halloween Happy shared the first picture of Halloween/Fall decorations she has found this year! She found the cutest pumpkin at Hobby Lobby !
Picture by Sam @Halloweenhappy

This means its officially Halloween season again, guys!

So in the spirit of Halloween , I want to share some pictures of  last years Halloween stores! In this post its from : Flying Tiger Of Copenhagen AKA Tiger

As I have said before , the selection of decorations are not that big here in Norway yet , But it gets better for each year that passes!

Flying Tiger Of Copenhagen AKA Tiger opened a store last year , and they where also the first store to place out their Halloween decorations!

I was so excited to find a BRAND new store to shop from!

This was their entry setup , and I was like: I `LL HAVE EVERYTHING , THANK YOU.00020003
Just look at that cauldron , Its so amazing! 0004

And these pumpkin chocolates was so cuuute !00050006
I bought one of these spiderweb bowls , supercheap , but yet so stylish!00070008000900100011
Also , if there is anything i regret not buying , it was this REMOTE controlled spider!

Bodypart shaped candy is always a plus!
Definetly gonna buy this skull mug this year! 😀0021
Those pumpkinstraws are much bigger than they appear , but great quality!00220023002400250026002700280029
Also bought this DIY Jackolantern candleholder ! 😀


I just cant WAIT to see what they will have this year!
The fact that Halloween decorations are now finally hitting the stores in the USA  , means there soon will  be a chance to order from those stores onlinesites and have them ship it to Norway!

What do you plan on buying this year?

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