Halloween Queen: Groovy Ghoulie 88 !

Halloween Queens

Name: Cassandra
Age: 29
From : Los Angeles, CA

What made you love Halloween so strongly?

I loved the idea of dressing up and going trick or treating as a child. It was my favorite holiday and as I grew older, the fascination never stopped.
I still dress up. I still decorate (year round) and I still do spooky things.

How did you get into Halloween ? 

I have my parents to thank for that. They LOVED Halloween. A cool little story: I was born on October 10th and for Halloween, which was just a few weeks later, they carved a pumpkin, dressed me up in a cute little pumpkin outfit, and put me inside! They say that’s when my love for Halloween was born.

What is your favorite things to do on/around halloween ?

I love doing haunts! I’ve been to many of them, but I would have to say Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights is my favorite.

Can you remember which Halloween costume was your favourtite one?

Oh wow, there’s been so many!! I remember dressing up as the Pumpkin King from Nightmare Before Christmas for LA Comic con on Halloween weekend of 2016. My dad helped make the costume including the big giant paper-mache pumpkin for my head. I must have gotten hundreds of compliments and people coming up to me to take a photo.

Of all the amazing Halloween candy you can get nowadays , what is your favourite? ( Old Classics/ New style candy etc )

I’m a sucker for Reese’s candy! Around Halloween, they come in cute little bat shapes. Last year I bought 5 bags and I tried to make them last all October.

What Halloween food and drinks are you most excited about?

I really enjoy making Halloween themed foods, especially mummy wrapped hot dogs. For drinks, anything with vodka!

When do you start shopping for Halloween?

Whenever I find the opportunity. There are several year round Halloween stores in Los Angeles, so access is pretty easy There are also many Halloween/Horror conventions I attend that are nowhere near October. Two of them were in April this year and there were so many spooky goodies at every booth.

What about halloween makes it your favorite holiday? 

I really like the decor. I love pumpkins, bats, coffins, witches. I have several cabinets full of Halloween snow globes, mugs, plates, trinket boxes, statues, figurines, and much more.

Do you think it has any negative sides to it?

Some religious people might be against it. I know a few who don’t celebrate because of their religious beliefs and then I have a friend who says he’s too old for Halloween! lol Whatever! More candy and treats for us!

What is the Favorite Halloween item you have? 

I would say my Johanna Parker collection of mugs, figurines, and ornaments. She has some of the CUTEST vintage Halloween designs ever. Check her IG out at @jparkerdesign

Do you still go trick or treating? 

I don’t really anymore because in my neighborhood, not a lot of kids, so people hardly pass out candy. I rather just go buy it myself.

Can you remember your first Halloween memory?

I remember dressing up as a witch for my elementary school and we walked in a little parade. I had long black hair and a cute little witch hat and green face paint. Everyone else were Disney princesses or superheroes.

Do you keep all your Halloween decorations out all year or do you start decorating at a certain time?

I usually keep mine out year round. I have a lot of stuff in cabinets though just because I ran out of room.
Where do you buy your Halloween items?

My favorite places to buy Halloween items and decor are Home Goods, Ross, TJ Maxx, and Michael’s. They get some of the BEST stuff around Sept/Oct.

Whats your favourite halloween movie/series?

I really like Trick R Treat. That’s always been a favorite. I must have seen that movie dozens of times, and a few extra times too because my tattoo artist would always play that movie in his shop.

How is Halloween celebrated in the US?

We usually celebrate it by dressing up,eating, drinking, and throwing Halloween parties. It’s a very popular holiday in the U.S. You always hear Halloween themed commercials on the radio or see really cool Halloween food magazines at the Grocery store on how to make the best spooky cupcakes. There’s always something for everyone!

Is it difficult finding Halloween decorations in your town/city?

Not at all. A lot of the stores I mentioned in previous questions are all pretty local and within driving distance. 🙂


What made you want to start a horror/Halloween themed Instagram?

I started my IG a long time ago and never really posted pics of anything cool. I didn’t really understand IG at that time, but I finally started getting the hang of it and hashtagged a lot. I also met a lot of my Halloween friends through there.

What is important themes to you when you post photos?

My theme is usually Living Dead Dolls but I will post Halloween and horror stuff on there too.

How much time do you spend of your day/week on taking pictures for your insta?

At this point in my life, not too much because I go to school and work full time. So I post maybe 1 pic a week maybe. Unless it’s for an event and I have several photos I want to throw out there.

Can it sometimes be difficult for you to handle the fame by being a known Halloween persona?

Not at all. I wouldn’t consider it fame, (I’m not famous or anything) but sometimes at cons or shows, people come up to me and say “Hey you’re Groovyghoulie right?” I think that’s really cool. I love meeting online friends in real life. 🙂


Clothing / style

Where do you usually buy your clothes?

I love going thrifting. I often find really cute stuff there. Sometimes I’ll buy from Killstar, Deandri, Fright Rags, or other goth/alternative websites.

what style of clothing do you like to buy?

I really like black mini skirts and gothy dresses. I love wearing fishnets with over the knee stockings. That’s kind of my go-to look.

Do you wear Halloween/Horror styled clothes all year?

On the daily basis like for work and school, I’m always wearing a horror tee or a band tee. For special events I’ll put more effort into my outfit. I like getting dolled up spooky cute for a night out.

Whats your favourite Halloween clothing /accessories/bags/shoes tec?

I really love my Love Pain and Stitches bags. I own 3 of them. I always get a lot of compliments with those bags and they are very durable.

Have you worked hard on your style?

Not really. I’ve had the same style for as long as I can remember. The only thing that’s hard is having to straighten my hair daily. It’s naturally wavy. Sometimes I just leave it alone and don’t do anything, and then it looks like a frizz monster lol.


Be sure to follow Cassandra on Instagram!: https://www.instagram.com/groovyghoulie88/

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