Norwegian Halloween Store: Europris!

Norwegian Halloween Stores!

I have just seen the first pictures of Halloween coming out in the stores in USA!
So excited for this to finally be happening!That means they will have it at their online stores, which also mean I can order directly !

So in the spirit of Halloween , I want to share some pictures of  last years Halloween stores here in Norway!
In this post its from : Europris!

As I have said before , the selection of decorations are not that big here in Norway yet , But it gets better for each year that passes!

These color changing Ghost were definetly a big hit! So cheap , but yet so stylish!

So I just had to buy both sizes of these pumpkins with the cutest witch hat!3

I dont know if you know , but ceramic decorations  is my favorite ones to buy!
They age so well , and the details on them comes out so much better aswell!

Also finally got my hands on a Halloween doorbell!
This dude made my front house enterence so much cooler!
It made a kid cry tho , that kinda sucked. But that`s Halloween!

These mask were so beautiful! I absolutely LOVED the pumpkin one!
They were 30 dollars tho , so I just could`nt get myself to buy it.
And the sad part is that here in Norway , the stores do`nt have any end sales .
I will definently buy  one of these ceramic Pumpkins if the stores get them this year too!
4  of these pumpkin plastic pumpkinsmugs also came home with me!🖤🖤

Definitely gonna buy these bags this year!
Only 2 dollars ,a so many different prints to choose from !
You can never have enough totebags , am I right!?12

Also bought two of the purple bat lights you can see hiding in there !
They gave my living room the most amazing Halloween spooky glow!
I must definetly buy some more this year!

So that`s all folks!
I cant WAIT to see Halloween decorations pup up here again!
It is after all  , the 2nd most important event of the year!

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