Halloween King: October 31st!

Halloween Kings

Name: William

Age: 29 :O

From : Bournemouth, UK!

Will is the awesome ghoul behind one of Europe’s most amazing all year long Halloween store: October 31st!


What made you love Halloween so strongly?

Everything! The pumpkins, ghosts, books, films, just everything about it is amazing. It’s the one night of the year (well more like one month a year) where everything is spooky and orange. It’s the best time of the year.

How did you get into Halloween ?

I’m not sure exactly, I just remember as a kid always liking it, pretty much every year I would dress as a ghost as my Mom would let me cut up an old sheet and I guess it kind of carried on from there.

What is your favorite things to do on/around halloween ?

I always try and plan something each year to make it extra spooky. One year I spent the night in the Edinburgh Vaults with a group of ghost hunters and we was in there the entire night until sunrise. It was so awesome! Last year i went to Disneyland Paris although it wasn’t decorated for Halloween 😦 other than that I love buying new things and just enjoying all of October. Lots of films and Halloween themed foods are a must.

Can you remember which Halloween costume was your favourite one?

Hmmmm i’m going to be honest…. as much as I LOVE Halloween, i’ve never really been into dressing up but if I had to choose I would say a pirate that i dressed up as around ten years. Only because I really went for it and had lots of accessories, rings etc.

What does Halloween mean to you?

Halloween means a huge deal to me. I find it so fascinating, the overall history of it all and the way it has changed over the years. Running a store as well as has always been a dream of mine so right now Halloween definitely means more to me than it ever has.

Of all the amazing Halloween candy you can get now adays , what is your favourite? ( Old Classics/ New style candy etc )

Oooo good question! Although the UK doesn’t really have that much Halloween candy, it’s usually just the same candy that you can get everyday but in a Halloween package (I have to admit the halloween packaging does make me buy it) if I had to pick, it would have to be the classic candy corn. I still have a bag from last year that i’m trying to hold onto as long as possible… well at least until it’s easier to get again.

What Halloween food and drinks are you most excited about?

All of it! I can’t wait to see Halloween themed foods in the stores again. Every year I fill up my cupboards with as much as possible. That way I can have ghost shaped crisps in January and Spider shaped sweets in March etc

When do you start shopping for Halloween ?

I think i’m still shopping for my first ever Halloween! It never stops. The past couple of years I have definitely been buying more things throughout the year. So glad Ebay exists! Plus with the store I am always hunting for new products so i’m constantly looking at and buying things for that.

What about halloween makes it your favorite holiday?

Hmmm I’m going to say all of it again but if I had to pick one thing I would have to say pumpkins. There can be as much Halloween stuff in stores that makes me happy but the moment I see the first real pumpkin of the year, then it feels like Halloween.

Do you think it has any negative sides to it?

Not really. I know there are people who disagree with it but at the end of the day, history aside, it’s just a bit of fun that we can all enjoy once a year. Who doesn’t like lots of themed food and parties!

What is the Favorite Halloween item you have?

There are so many to choose from but if I really had to choose it would be a black cat ornament i got from Homesense a couple of years ago. It was only around £7.99 but i love it. It has a vintage style and it always makes me smile when I look at it. That and my Pumpkin mug, having my morning coffee out of a pumpkin mug each day always adds a little bit of Halloween to the start of my day.

Do you still go trick or treating?

Unfortunately not. I wish I did though. All the candy!

Can you remember your first Halloween memory?

Definitely dressing up as a ghost when I was around 6 or 7.

Do you keep all your Halloween decorations out all year or do you start decorating at a certain time ?

All of my more collectible decorations I keep out all year and everything else I put up around the house on the first of October, or sometimes the last day of September so I wake up on the 1st with the house fully decorated and ready to go.

Where do you buy your Halloween items?

All different places! Through the year I get them from Etsy and Ebay mainly then the closer to Halloween it gets I start to shop at Homesense and TK Maxx (A LOT) and pretty much every shop that has Halloween products.

Whats your favourite halloween movie/series?

Favourite Halloween movie would have to be Hocus Pocus!! I love it! With a close second being the entire Halloween franchise.

How is Halloween celebrated where you live?

It seems to get bigger every year here now, which is great! People still trick or treat in some areas and theres usually lots of parties.

Is it difficult finding Halloween decorations in your town/city?

Not really, as soon as September begins a lot of stores start to stock items and by October most stores have some kind of display or product. Although most stores have the same kind of things.


October 31st

What made you want to start a Halloween theme online store?

At the time there didn’t seem to be any stores in the UK that were focused on Halloween. Theres plenty of costume and prop shops as well as pop up shops that appear in October for around 2 weeks but nothing to celebrate and buy Halloween things all year. So I decided to start one 😀

What do you look for when you order in items for your store?

It has to fit with Halloween in some way or another. Whether it be horror films, skeletons or just something that’s spooky in general as long as I can look at it and think ‘that definitely would be around during Halloween’ then I usually go for it. If theres also a pumpkin of some sort then that helps me decide even more.

How much time do you spend of your day/week running your store ,since it’s open all year round ?

Thats a tough one! If I am at home it’s always open in a tab so I can keep up with new orders and emails. I work a day job too so i’ll usually check the store when I can during work time and if im not at home or work i’m at the post office. So it’s more of a constant thing I guess.

Any plans on making it into a physical store?

I would LOVE to make it into a physical store. I have an idea of where I would open it and how it would look but right now there are no plans, it’s more of a pipe dream that is a long way off yet. I am hoping to do some markets and fairs around September and October though.

Where are your most of your customers based? (Countries)

Definitely the UK with the USA and Norway close behind 🙂

Can it sometimes be difficult for you to handle the fame by being a known Halloween persona?

Haha! I love this question! Apart from a couple of friends that also run their own blogs and Youtube channels and mention me sometimes I don’t think anyone really knows who is behind October 31st. So I don’t think i’m known at all within the Halloween community, or at least i’m ‘the guy who owns October 31st’ I hope.


Clothing / style/ Accessories

Where do you usually buy your clothes ?

All over the place I don’t really have a go to store. Recently Ive purchased a few t shirts from Creepy Co though as their latest releases are awesome!

what style of clothing do you like to buy?

I mainly go for the usual t shirt and jeans look, vans trainers and the t shirt has to have some kind of design on it be it Hocus Pocus or Trick R Treat, always spooky!

Do you have any tips on where to find awesome Halloween clothing for the rest of us halloween addicts?

Creepy Co for sure! Their T shirts are awesome. The sites that make the daily designs to also offer some great designs, especially around Halloween.

Do you wear Halloween/Horror styled clothes all year?

Mostly yes, with the occasional day where I where a checkered shirt or plain tee.

Whats your favourite Halloween clothing /accessories,pins,jewelry/bags/shoes/scarfs etc?

I love pins! I have a number of Creepy Co pins as well as a bunch of pins ive got from the states and been sent to me by friends. They go with everything! A coat, shirt, jacket, on your bag, t shirt etc etc etc

Have you worked hard on your style?

I don’t think so as it’s kind of a standard look really but I always try and find t shirts that have great designs and a not seen everywhere.


Be sure to follow him on Instagram and do a little Halloween haul at his store October 31st!

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