It`s Summerween!

Halloween Randomness

Happy solstice AKA Summerween everyone!

I`ll be honest , Summer is my LEAST favorite season. Ever. The sun .The heat. The pressure to go outside and “enjoy the nice weather we are having!..

But I can totally see signs of Autumn already, like this amazing dandelion !

BUT! There is always a way you can make every season into Halloween season!

For ex sample , instead of carving a Pumpkin , how about a Jack-o-melon?!

Oooor you can carve a orange paprika AKA pepper!

That’s what I did, and it turned out pretty awesome!

Hope you all will have a great Summerween!

I will be playing in the shadows and protecting myself against the sun with my pumpkin umbrella from Sweet midnight!

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