Happy Friday The 13th! Top 13 Horror Movies Challenge !(Video)

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Happy Friday The 13th , Everyone!
So , Since I did unboxings related to this glorious day , last year , I thought I would do it a little bit different twist on it this time!

So here is my Top 13 Horror Movies Challenge!

Just choose 13 of your favorite horror movies and there you go!

Here is my horrifying list of horror! :

1: Coraline

2: Dead snow / Død Snø 1                                                  3: Dead Snow/ Død Snø 2

4: As Above , So Below

5: Tales Of Terror!

6:Villmark AKA The Wild/Wilderness!

7: Shutter!

8: It (1984)                                                                    9: It (2018)

10: Grave Halloween!

11: Wishing Stairs

12; The Visit!

13: Ju-On !

Feel free to comment your list down below !

Here is my annual Friday The 13th Youtube video , if you wanna see something really spooky!

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