Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary !

Halloween Randomness

Can you believe its 25(!) Years since the greatest Halloween movie ever came out?!

I remember seeing this for the first time in 2002 , and it was so amazing!

That’s right! Hocus pocus is having its 25 anniversary, and this has some amazing benefits with it!

On July 10th, a new official Disney book was released in the glory of this event . Hocus Pocus and the all new sequel is a book containing the movie + a new story where max and Allison’s 17 year old daughter must fight the Sanderson sisters again!

I won’t get my copy until July 20th ,but I know a lot of you already have!

(Picture by: @October 31st)

And on July 31st there will be a Hocus pocus bluray/DVD special anniversary edition ! Isn’t that exciting?!

Since Hocus Pocus is so popular, a lot of Halloween stores have Hocus Pocus related merch!

http://october31st.co.uk/search.php?search_query=Hocus pocus &section=product

(Picture by @October 31st)

And with all if this happening, there is some Hocus Pocus themed give aways out there! Here are some for you all to join!

Spooky Little Halloween:


Halloween Lovers Club:


Things to do in Salem shares some of the hocus pocus film locations!



Do you remember the first time you saw Hocus Pocus?

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