Happy Krampusnacht! The Christmas Devil is here!

Creepmas /Christmasween/ Hollowmas/ Black Christmas/Creepy Christmas

Krampus is the famous Christmas devil!

He is a figure/creature with a very devilish look . Krampus is also described as a half goat half demon looking beast with archhorn , whom appears in the early days the Christmas season.
Krampus comes along with his counterpart: St. Nikolas, the dude that the modern Santa we know today is based of ! They both arrive on December 6th (sometimes Krampus shows up on the night to December 6th , December 5th) , were St.Nikolas gives out presents for the “good” kids , and leaves Krampus to do the dirty work , and has the job of scaring and punishing the “bad” ones. May even eat some of them.

Krampus has existed since the middle ages , and has be known under many different names during the years.

In the cities surrounding the Alpine region , there is an annual parade , just for Krampus himself! People dress up as Krampus with horns, pelts , scary devil masks and goes lurking and creeping around throughout the streets .With the bells ringing, whips lashing and screams filling the night . This phenomenon is also occuring in Germany every year , and its called Krampuslauf (Krampusrun)!

Exchanging Krampuskarten ( Krampus Cards) during the beginning of Christmas time , is also still a thing the Scandinavians do , which is pretty cool!


just have to say , the Krampus part of the pagan Pre- Christmas times ,has always been my favorite parts of Christmas.
And every year , on night to December 6th , I put on all the Krampus movies I have (even tho , my favorite is the Michael Dougherty one ) ,and have a blast watching this Christmas devil doing his own version of Christmas!

So , based on the nice-o metre: who would you get a visit from on December 6th?
The nice Satan , ops , SANTA , or the creepy Krampus?

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays!
Merry KrampusNacht everyone!

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