Creepy Christmas : Part 2: A Merry JÒl !

Creepmas /Christmasween/ Hollowmas/ Black Christmas/Creepy Christmas

Believe it or not,Vikings started a lot of the Christmas traditions we see today.
Actually , the old Viking Christmas celebration is quite like the modern one.

As you might know , the pagan/ old Germanic folks called Christmas for Yule. And Yule comes from the Norse word JÒl or JÒlablot , and is almost identical to the modern Norwegian word : Jul !

The Vikings started their celebration on the 21st of December and partied hard for 12 straight days. Sound familiar?

Christmas Trees

Another thing the vikings did , was to decorate ever green trees !

Since the trees stayed green and healthy all year thru , they become a symbol of good health and fortune , so when JÒl arrived , they would decorate the trees with carved figurines and gifts , for the spirit in the trees , to grow and prospure to the next spring.
Holly Christmas Wreath!

The Vikings love for ever green plants , did`nt end there!

They made round wreathes out of Holly . The circle symbolising the start and end of a years cycle. They then placed them over their doors for protection against evil spirits.

Same with the mistletoe!

I really hope you all have a safe and creepy Christmas!

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