Happy LussiNight! Will her ghost white, distorted face be looking in your window tonight?

Creepmas /Christmasween/ Hollowmas/ Black Christmas/Creepy Christmas

Happy Lussinight !

That is if you have done all your pre – Christmas chores!

Is everything ready?

Have you cleaned every corner of your house ?

Have you baked all the cookies?

If the answer is NO to one of the above. Well ,you better get a move on , to prevent a visit from the demon vette Lucci!

Lussi is said to have been created from a mix of st.Lucia and Lucifer . Crazy , right?!

She usually shows up on the night to the 13th of December .
This is the longest AND darkest night of the year. So it is a perfect fit for something like her to make an apperence.

She comes to check that ALL Christmas preparations are in order . She tastes the homemade beer , food and if she found anyone still working after sundown , all hell would break loose.

Lussi would bring her ogre ( figuratively) looking friends , and wreck your house and barn. Cause if you have not finished making everything in order by now , what does it matter if she just makes it a bit worse , just to make a point?
She and her crew were known to run across your roofs , come down the chimney , and hurt whatever poor soul who was present . Her white, distorted face could also be seen squeezed against windows.

If she was not happy enough about the Christmas preparations , she would cry out a warning: “Inkje bryg, inkje baga, inkje store eld hava !! ( Nothing Brewed , nothing Baked , No big fires lit”
They could even hurt the farm animals , if they felt like it.
But another fun fact here , is that this night , was also the ONE night a year , all animals could talk to each other. So one could only imagine the confusion going on if Lussi got her hands on one of them.:
Horse:” Where did Carl go? ”
Cow:” I don`t know , he was here 2 seconds ago!”
Pig: “Is that him there ,standing on the ceiling ?”
*Carl casually flies by*

To protect yourself against this demonic presence , you could either carve or paint with tare , crosses into your doors ,. Or have anything made of steel by hand , I know what you`re thinking : GET THE SALT ,SAMMY! , or even lit candles would help as protection! And of course, the most common warning , that would usually keep you safe: STAY INSIDE.

Happy Lussinight!
Stay safe!

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