Creepy Christmas: Part 3: The Yule Goat !

Creepmas /Christmasween/ Hollowmas/ Black Christmas/Creepy Christmas

Have you ever wondered why goats are so popular during Christmas time?

Well , here in Norway at least , they have to do with ancient Norse tradition going back to before Christianity invaded the pagan religions .

So , Between Christmas and 1st of January , people wearing masks and costumes , will go door to door, and have the neighbors have a guess at who it is that are under the masks! Singing Christmas songs is also a common thing to do , and is usually rewarded with candy. This tradition is very similar to Halloween!
And in some places , it is normal for a person form each visited house , to join the posse on its way to the next house. And so it goes on.

Julebukking is a pre-Christian pagan ritual. “Yule goat” originated right here in Norway, from the time when we all were pagans , and worshiped Thor: THE GOD OF THUNDERRRRR . He was quite the man , cause he traveled in a chariot , pulled by GOATS. Two awesome goats.

So during the Yule tide, we filthy pagans ,would disguise ourselves ,with a goats skin over our backs and go from house to house ,carrying a severed goats head. .I know WTF.
In these modern days , the yule goat is a dying tradition , but it is still super popular in Alaska! Scandinavian immigrants brought the tradition over , you`re welcome!

But there is still a jule bukk symbol left , that you will almost definitely find in every Norwegian home during Christmas: The Straw Goat!

It comes in many shapes , colors and sizes. And it usually has a red silk ribbon tied around it.

I buy a new one every Christmas , My favorite one so far , is this little black one , named Philip :

So I hope you all will have an amazing Yule and stay safe from the yuletide spirits!

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