Creepy Christmas: Part 4: The Witches Of Christmas!

Creepmas /Christmasween/ Hollowmas/ Black Christmas/Creepy Christmas

Today is the last Sunday of Advent!
Tomorrow is Christmas eve  , and here in Norway , that`s the day when we all gather for dinner and open presents!

Christmas starts at 5pm , then we all eat as much food as we possible can  , before opening the presents around 8pm.

So in this last Part of Creepy Christmas , here is a post about The Witches of Christmas and some other Creepy Norse Christmas creatures!


As you may know , Norway has an ancient history.
Some of it bloody. And so most of our tales and legends , have quite the scary touch to them.
Åsgårdsreia by Peter Nicolai Arbo

And Christmas time is no different.
Usually , all of the tales and legends hail from the times of when Norse mythology roamed.

As the legend has it , this time of year , the spirits of the dead gets more restless , and angry. Witches also start to appear more frequently.


The most know legend is the one about Åsgårdsreia. They are a bunch of restless spirits , who comes riding at night , around Christmas times.

If you have not had the time to finish all your chores before Christmas , lets just say that`s where the trouble starts.
When you are sleeping tight , and with no worries at all , you start hearing hoofs and bells approaching . But its not Santa.
«Julereia» (1922) by Nils Bergslien

It`s Åsgårdsreia. The legion of restless , angry souls , who are here to collect your sleeping soul , to be doomed to travel with them , on their furious ride thru the skies. Forever.
To stop that from happening , one could save oneself with drawing tare crosses on every door you had. Even the livestock would need the tare cross , to stay safe.


You also have the legend of the Gandferd!
Were in stead of Ghost riding together , you had WITCHES, That`s right : WITCHES.
And this part is pretty cool you guys.
This legend is from Norse times , and it is said to be the legend where broom riding Witches , comes from!
Just imagine hearing their evil laughter , as they fly above your house.
The fear and panic as they rip your home and stuff apart .

Hide Your Brooms! The Christmas Witches are coming!

Artist Unknown

This next one , is an old tradition.

It is as simple as hiding all your brooms. Cause on Christmas eve ( Tomorrow) , the witches comes out to play!
It is said that these witches can not walk on the bare earth , without dying. So to get around , they need to steal brooms from unknowing Norwegians. Don`t worry tho , I always make sure to place out the 3 brooms I have , every Christmas eve. Last year I even decorated them with light strings. What a sight that would have been!

The brooms would usually be hidden in closets and drawers.

Also , Empty presents would be placed out under the Christmas tree , as the witches LOVES to exchange the presents with frogs and rats. Yes , RATS.

So remember to put out some brooms for your fellow Witches!
Merry Yule everyone!

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