Norwegian Beaster: Beaster Mourning!


Beaster morning , everyone!
Here in Norway , almost every holiday has some kind of crazy magic/witch related omens to them.
And this day is no different.


As legend has it , if you were the first one to light a fire on that particular morning, you would be in danger of getting accused of being a witch or a sorcerer. And it would give you ABSOLUTE power and control over everyone else.And lets be honest. Back in the day , that was not the best thing that could happen.
Also , by lighting a fire this early , would make you a beacon for robbery! Evil entities would be drawn to the smoke , and ultimately steal your livestock.

In these modern days,  this is the day you get to eat your Beastereggs!!


Happy Beaster!

Norwegian Beaster: Ghoul Friday AKA The Long Frightday!


What ever you do DO NOT FALL ASLEEP.
This is the night , the Witches come back from Blokksberg.
Can you imagine?
Layin there in your bed , as you hear a thousand cackling witches ,flying over your house?

But fear not!

To scare the witches off , you could light bonfires and shoot a few gun rounds into the sky. More noise , the better. This is said to be highly effective against the hangover Witches!

Also,To redeem yourself of any kind of sins you might have had , a easter spanker AKA påskeris , was just the thing you needed to get them all whipped out of your system!

Hope you all have a spooky Beaster,with lots of treats!

Norwegian Beaster: The Witches of Moandy Thursday!


Easter is an pagan holiday , goin waaay back .
In the olden days , this day was THE party day for witches!
People thought that on this day , all the Witches gathered up and went to Blokksberg, to meet with the Devil!
Blokksberg AKA Brocken is actually a REAL mountain in Germany, and is famous for its Witch sabbaths and gatherings!

If you did`nt remember to put a broom outside on this day, the witches would steal a cow or horse , as a tool of transportation. Even a human would do. So they could fly all the way to Blokksberg , to meet the Devil himself!
That`s right. They would STEAL your cattle if you did`nt provide them with a broom.

You could also protect your property from with placing out pieces of steel!
At your doors, in your bed , barns , EVERY WHERE!

In the southern parts of Norway, it was common to ring every church bell before the sunrise on Thursday morning . This would “kill” the witches magic and make them come down on the ground again. NO PARTY FOR THESE, WITCHES!

So remember to put out brooms, for your fellow Witches!

Our Neighbors in Sweden has a whole tradition of dressing up as Witches and go door to door asking for treats, same as we Norwegians do during Yulegoat.
Still , I wish we Norwegians could have adopted that tradition too!

I already have the outfit for it!

Happy Beaster to you all!