5 Scary spots in Norway!

Halloween In My Town!

Norway. The majestic country . With mile long fjords , trees as far the eye can see, Trolls up in the mountains, six months long Winter .And the there was that Viking thing too.

What do you think of when you hear Norway?
Black Metal? A-ha? Kvikk-Lunsj?  Or “Is`nt that the country where they have the polar bears walking in the streets?”
We do`nt actually have polar bears here in the mainland of Norway , but we do have a island group called Svalbard , and THEY have the polar bears!

And another fun fact is that if people tell you to go to Hell , you can actually go.
Even funnier is it that the word “Hell” means luck in Norwegian!
Photo: Lifeinnorway

Let me just start by saying , the history of the continental spot called Norway , dates back to 10,000 BC.
We have gone thru Ancient history , Early Middle Ages ,High Middle Ages ,Late Middle Ages , Early modern period ,Late modern period and 2 world wars.
That is A LOT of history .

As a result,we have a lot of different buildings with different means and happenings.

Alot of the places I will be showing you ,is places I have as a goal to visit myself!

So let’s start with the amazing Stave churches !
They are all built in the middle ages!

1: Heddal stavkirke

standard_Heddal_stavkirke.jpgPhoto: SNL

Heddal Stave Church (Heddal Stave Church), formerly also known as “Hitterdals Stavkirke” or “Ryen Church in Hitterdal”, is a stave church in Notodden municipality in Telemark.

It’s from the 1200s and is the  biggest stavechurch that still remains. A lore says it was built in 3 days by 5 farmers . kinda doubtful, I know, but that’s how we Norwegians tell stuff!

2:Borgund stavkirke

Borgund-side-total.jpgFoto: riksantikvaren

This is my favourite stavechurch that Norway has ! It’s the oldest one ,and it from 1150! That is insane!

It is located in Borgund in Lærdal municipality, in Sogn og Fjordane county, approx. 30 km east of the village of Lærdalsøyri, located in the heart of the Sognefjord .

3: Nidarosdomen

Photo: SNL

standard_nidarosdomen_vestfronten.jpgPhoto: SNL

Nidarosdomen is Norway’s original archbishop church, and one of the largest medieval churches in the Nordic region.

It is located in the amazing city Trondheim ! Trondheim is located ca in the middle of Norway  and at the edge of the north western coast. It has the most amazing Norse mythology there is!

This church also has its own ghost!

It is said to be a monk  ,that wonders around.

There are many stories, both urban stories and “confirmed” testimonies, about the monk. As history has it, it says that the ghost must be of a relatively modern descent ,because he wasnt mentioned until the 1920s.  That is a quite old ghost in my eyes,but history knows best!

That was the churches I just had to show you all! They are so amazing and really deserves a visit!

4: Harastølen AKA Luster Sanatorium

Now over to something more grim.

Leprosy was first described in 1873 by the Norwegian doctor Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen. But had been in Norway since 1266.

The disease hit the west coast of Norway quite hard,actually Norway was one of the hardest infected countries.
In the Middle Ages, hospitals were established in Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger, Tønsberg and Oslo, where far-gone lepers were patients.
The disease broke out again in 1837.
With it came turbequlosis.
In 1896 ,doctors decided to build a bigger hospital for these patients that had gotten the”consumption”.

Harastølen was opened on November 2, 1902, under the name “Lyster Sanatorium”.  At the opening the sanatorium had 96 beds. In 1924 the capacity was extended to 120 beds, in 1950 to 150. So the disease took it toal.

Photo: BT.no
Just after World War II, the drug  streptomycin was invented, and practically eliminated tuberculosis, and with that the use of the building and its purpose was gone too.  The building was later used as a psychiatric hospital. From 1991, Harastølen has remained empty.


The movie is quite scary and very unsetteling , and incluedes all the urbanlegends that surounds this place.
The building was doomed to be demolished , but a company bought it of the county , and are planning to turn it into a hotel!
That means there will be many more ghost hunts to come!

5: Akershus Fortress / Akershus Castle
It is a medieval castle that was built to protect  Oslo, the capital of Norway.
The castle has also been used as a military base, a prison and government office.
It was built in 1290 and has some really gruesome history .

It has been a place of slavery and executions. The number of Norwegian people being killed here is 42 , All of them shot by the Nazis during WW2.
Below is a picture of the memorial called: Retterstedet.
And as a result , there are rumors of ghosts and hauntings.
Akershus fortress is belived to be Norway`s most haunted location.

And to  my big suprise, There has now been organized a Ghost Walk through the fortress! It is the ONLY Ghost Walks in Norway , and has been going on for 5(!) years , without me knowing about it. I would have to drive for 11 hours to get there, but I must!
It is open ALL YEAR!

So if you ever plan om visiting Norway: Be sure to check out some of these places!


Halloween In My Town: Stavanger,Norway! With @Norwegian_Halloween_Queen!

Halloween In My Town!

I live in Stavanger. A beautiful town on the west coast of Norway.

I moved here in 2008 from Oslo. I learned about the wonders of Halloween in 2000 when visiting friends in Texas, USA.

October 31st is my birthday and it took me over 40 years before I discovered this wonderful spooky holiday.


Halloween is not very big in Norway, but we are slowly getting there. Here in Stavanger there are Halloween parties at nightclubs and pubs, schools have begun to have Halloween parites for children and people have parties at home. So the adults get drunk and the kids eat candy!

Some children go Trick or Treating, but not very many. I have the same ones come to my door every year. I let them in to have a look at my decorations. Even one of the parents said it was the highlight of the year!!


We have basically 2 shops, NILLE and Europris, which sells Halloween decorations and costumes ca. 2 weeks before Halloween. But, if you take the time and go searching in other stores, you might get lucky. I actually found some great things in book stores. Like the 2 felt baskets and Tea candle holders.

NILLE and Europris basically have part items. Baloons, paper plates/cup, arms, legs and blood, and everything you might need for a spooky bloody party! I’m not too much into that and struggle to find things I like. So thanks heaven for my lovely Texas friends who have provided me with most of the decorations I got.

And then there is internet……. So much Halloween stuff, so little time!! (read money!) We have to pay toll and taxes for purchases over ca. $ 35/£ 35. EEEEEEK!! If that isn’t spooky…….


What is Halloween without carved pumpkins. I buy mine at our main grocery store, Meny. They only start selling a week before Halloween. As far as I know, the grocery stores are the only place you can get big ones for carving. I also buy small ones from flowershops for Fall decorations.


So far there are not much outdoor decorating here in Stavanger and as far as I know, people only decorate for that one Halloween party they’re having. I have always shed a little tear every year when I have to put my decorations in storage. This year I caved in, and decided to do a bit of Halloween all year. Do what makes you happy I say. And pumpkins, witches, Fall colours and spooky things make me VERY happy!! YAAAAY!!!!

Finger crossed. Let’s hope this wonderful spooky celebration will only grow bigger and bigger each year……




Halloween In My Town! With : The Haunted Bat !

Halloween In My Town!

Halloween in England – The Haunted Bat

Hallow Guys and Ghouls,

I was asked by the awesome Norwegian Halloween to tell you a little about Halloweeeen where I live (in England!). So here we go:

As a Primary School teacher, I look forward to the Summer holidays – not just because I can have some time away from work – BUT because during the Summer holidays IT BEGINS. In England, around July we begin to see a few trickles of Autumn appear within the high street stores; and by August the Jack-o-lanterns and Ghosts begin to appear on the shelves.

Currently, in June 2018, I have seen some Instagram posts which revealed that a couple of shops in America have already started stocking their Halloween goodies; so fingers crossed it will start earlier in England too!

Halloween Decorations

In England Halloween is ever growing. My advice, to any Halloween lover in the UK, is to frequently stalk your local Homesence; as they are usually the first stores to stock anything Spooky.

But, if you don’t live too close to one, there are loads of Facebook pages devoted to sharing knowledge of Halloween sightings: such as Halloween Décor UK and Halloween Watch UK. Unfortunately, in the Homesence stores they have limited stock; so you have to buy it as soon as you see it!Usually they swap over to Christmas stock in the first few weeks of October (BOOO!).

Other stores, such as B&M, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Primark, all begin stocking Halloween items around September, but saying that, they are starting earlier each year (WOO!).


Within England it is traditional for children to ‘Trick or Treat’; however, it usually ends at around the age of 14. I don’t really have neighbours where I live; but if you go down into the village you can see the children trick or treating on Halloween. The common practice (where I live anyway) is to only knock on the door if there is a carved pumpkin outside – If there is no pumpkin, don’t go knocking! It is uncommon to decorate the outside of the house for Halloween; I probably only saw three houses decorate across the whole of Halloween season last year – apparently within England carving a singular pumpkin is enough!


As for where we get our pumpkins; the majority of Brit’s would say they brought theirs from the local supermarket (Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Co-op etc.); and I too would have said this if you had asked me a few years ago.

However, slowly but surely, I have noticed more Pumpkin Patches opening across England; wherein you can go, walk up and down the fields and pick your perfect pumpkin! It is great fun as there are also little rides, stalls and a Maize Maze.


Every year I make sure I handmake my Halloween outfit; and have enjoyed dressing-up as all my favourite spooky characters.

In today’s society there are so many ‘quick fix’ outfits on offer, and I believe it is becoming more common to just buy fully pre-made outfit – Asda do have an awesome range – most of which I would wear on the daily! Obviously, there are positives and negatives; it saves time, allows everyone to get involved; but is it as fun just buying off the rack?

Halloween Party

I love a good Halloween party; which is the natural progression once you get too old to Trick or Treat … or once people begin to THINK you are too old! I am not sure about the rest of England, but there are some specific games I love to play during my Halloween parties. Bobbing for apples is a must, and if you add some tomatoes (which sink) it creates an extra level of competitiveness for those who like a challenge.

We also play toilet paper mummies: in which we see which pair can wrap their partner up in toilet paper the quickest.

And one of my personal favourites – Pin the Cat on the Witch’s Broom!

Halloween in England is ever growing but compared to America we still have a long way to go! I look forward to seeing what this year brings… let the spooks begin!

Lizzie AKA The Haunted Bat.