Terrier Cvlt – Creature Madball Pin Unboxing!

Halloween Jewlery!, Halloween Mail!

Let me just start by saying that this is the most amazing pin I have ever seen and owned!

This adorebole pin is from Terry Cvlt and the shipping was super fast!

And all the extra goodies was adorable too!

They also left me the coolest message on the Boston terrier card 🖤

They also gave me TWO stickers! One to use and one too save, exellent!

And this business card most be the cutest in history of business cards 🖤

And here is the creature madball pin!🖤

The card on this pin just so beautiful and totally in style with the creature theme🖤

Just look at that face! 8 bootiful colors, amazing design and amazing quality!

So happy with how well it blended in with the rest of my pin collection!

So if you want to order one yourself , go to https://www.terriercvlt.com/collections/stickers-patches/products/creature-madball-enamel-pin-presale

And if you wanna see the unboxing IRL check out my unboxing video at YouTube:

Drac Makens Creations Unboxing

Halloween Jewlery!, Halloween Mail!

Ok , guys , let me just say that the pin I have to show you all today , is one of the cutest I have ever seen!

Its from Drac Makens Creations , and was a Halloween limited edition of the crazy popular Bat pin Bianca has in her shop !

She has now added 2 more variants , and they are sooo beautiful!


But , let me show you the adorebole CANDY CORN BAT PIN !

I first saw this cutie on Instagram ,and I just had to buy him!
It was just 7 left when I ordered it , so hopefully there are still some left!

Bianca was so kind to include an amazing sticker and the coolest buisness card!

And here it is! Candy Corn lapel pin!  Is`nt it amazing!?
I love the colors and the mix with the silver outlines , and its yellow eyes.

And even better: it has TWO backstoppers!
They are of black rubber , so they wont budge !

Im so happy with how perfectly it matches my other Halloween pins!

If you want to see this beauty being opend IRL , check out my youtube video down below !