Holloween Card swap & P.O box!

Halloween Mail!


That’s the month we all start preparing our Halloween card and box swapping!🎃😁

I had 30 Halloween card slots this year and 10 boxes,and they are all now taken! And I’m so excited to send them all out!🎃😁

Also new this year:

I have finally gotten myself a P.O box!

It makes everything so much easier! + I don’t have to worry about my mail getting stolen !

Terrier Cvlt – Creature Madball Pin Unboxing!

Halloween Jewlery!, Halloween Mail!

Let me just start by saying that this is the most amazing pin I have ever seen and owned!

This adorebole pin is from Terry Cvlt and the shipping was super fast!

And all the extra goodies was adorable too!

They also left me the coolest message on the Boston terrier card 🖤

They also gave me TWO stickers! One to use and one too save, exellent!

And this business card most be the cutest in history of business cards 🖤

And here is the creature madball pin!🖤

The card on this pin just so beautiful and totally in style with the creature theme🖤

Just look at that face! 8 bootiful colors, amazing design and amazing quality!

So happy with how well it blended in with the rest of my pin collection!

So if you want to order one yourself , go to https://www.terriercvlt.com/collections/stickers-patches/products/creature-madball-enamel-pin-presale

And if you wanna see the unboxing IRL check out my unboxing video at YouTube:

Drac Makens Creations Unboxing

Halloween Jewlery!, Halloween Mail!

Ok , guys , let me just say that the pin I have to show you all today , is one of the cutest I have ever seen!

Its from Drac Makens Creations , and was a Halloween limited edition of the crazy popular Bat pin Bianca has in her shop !

She has now added 2 more variants , and they are sooo beautiful!


But , let me show you the adorebole CANDY CORN BAT PIN !

I first saw this cutie on Instagram ,and I just had to buy him!
It was just 7 left when I ordered it , so hopefully there are still some left!

Bianca was so kind to include an amazing sticker and the coolest buisness card!

And here it is! Candy Corn lapel pin!  Is`nt it amazing!?
I love the colors and the mix with the silver outlines , and its yellow eyes.

And even better: it has TWO backstoppers!
They are of black rubber , so they wont budge !

Im so happy with how perfectly it matches my other Halloween pins!

If you want to see this beauty being opend IRL , check out my youtube video down below !

Happy Friday The 13th! ( Kitty`s Boo-tique Unboxing! )

Halloween Mail!

Happy Friday The 13th!

I have the most amazing unboxing for you all! And its PURRFECT for this day!

These items I have ordered is from the amazing UK based Halloween shop Kitty`s Boo-tigue!

They sell Halloween stuff all year round , wich makes me avery happy halloween camper , since the shipping aint expenseive and shipping is super fast!

Ever since The Haunted Bat shared this Sourpuss rug in her own Kittys Boo-tique unboxing video , I just had to have one for myself!
It has a great size , and is perfect for every room in the house!

And I just NEEDED to get myself this next item . It did also come as a spiderweb and a Ouija borad pallet , but I fell in love with THIS one :

This bat keyholder is currently being used as a jewlry holder , but will be hung in my hallway when Halloween comes!

And last but not least : These Amazing salt and pepper shakers from Johanna Parker Designs!These ones I also saw on The Haunted Bats profile , so I had to buy these as well ! 😀  They are so adorebole <3Here is the unboxing video of this amazing box of halloween joy!


So I hope you all enjyed these items as much as I do!

I will now spend this Friday watching all the good horror movies related to  this glorious day!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Norwegian Halloween

Dr. Frankenbecky Unboxing!

Halloween Mail!

Welcome to another unboxing!

This one I’m really excited to show you all, cause its a really special item to me🖤

First time I saw it was October 4th 2017. And I immediately knew that I needed to buy it !

And since the creator of it is located in the UK ,shipping was superfast when I first ordered it and on January 3rd 2018 it was mine!


Just look at the wrapping it came in,with a thank you sticker and a amazing silverglitter giftband 🖤


So here he is! The Pumpkin Llama from Dr.Frankenbecky!

Just look at the cute green bow he has! It matches the orange so well!
You also get an Dr.Frankenbecky authentication card! Since alot of fake pages has started selling her products latly , she had to make these cards to send out with every order she made . So if you order one of her items from anyone else than her etsy shop , beware of fakes.
sketch-1518015842113sketch-1518015801319Im just in love with his black little ears ,priceless !
Just the whole pumpkin face on this Llama is just perfect.
And yes! That IS a green pumpkin STEM on the top of his head !sketch-1518016123650

Here you can see him beeing unboxed!


Dr.Frankennecky doesnt only sell these cool  llamas  , she also has krampuses , beasterbunnies , ghosts , devils , bats , pumpkin bats , and a whole lot more at her etsy store : www.etsy.com/shop/DrFrankenBecky

And just in time for Easter she has made the most awesome Easter card :

Check her out today and order yourself something amazing!
Vero : Dr Frankenbecky

Halloween Mail From : @Wickedvillianess!

Halloween Mail!

Hi everyone!

Today I wanna show you all, the most amazing Christmas present I got last Christmas!

I got it on the 23rd of December,just in time for Christmas eve ( thats the day we open the presents here in Norway)!

The wonderful ghoul who sent me this is Tiffany aka wickedvillainess!


First of all, Look at the Christmas card ! This is the most amazing card I have ever gotten. It’ in 3D with pop-ups of all kinds of cute dogs!



And she gave me first ever pumpkin pillow! I’m so excited to get more!


She also sent me the tiniest pumpkins I have ever seen 🎃 I absolutely love the white one , since it’ my first one 🖤


She also sent me my favourite Halloween chocolate from last year!🎃🖤I absolutely love any kind of white chocolate, and the herseys one has candy corn in it😍sketch-1519159283885

And of the white pumpkin peanut butter chocolates!🎃🖤


As you might know,  I’m addicted to all kinds of Halloween cups and mugs . And I don’ have ANY skull shaped mugs ,so when I saw this , I almost cried of pure joy!


And I also have a addiction over anything with candy corns on it ! So to be so fortunate to own a scented candy corn candle ,it eelT complete🎃🖤The candy corn smell is just the most amazing thing and brings the Halloween spirit immediately!🎃🖤

Here is the unboxing video of the amazng package! :

Please check out Tiffanys instagram for amazing Halloween photos!