Getting ready for Vlogtober!

Halloween Randomness

I know what you are thinking : Vlogtober? Already?

But yes!

I have spent this month planning my vlogtober videos and done some serious scheduling!

Since this will be first time doing this challenge, I’m so excited to start filming on the 1st of October!

I will show you all my decoration skills, some food preparation, a lot of DIY projects and so much more treats and goodies for you all!

And just to be on the safe side of things , I have bought some extra batteries, memory cards, charger and I will get a new editing software!

2018 has been such a great Halloween year so far. With the new Halloween movie coming out, same with Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween !

And all the amazing decorations that is already coming out in the stores!

Plus, this year I will have the most amazing Halloween party ever!

The Guestlist is done ,date and time is set, food list is written, only a schedule is left to be completed, and voila: Happy Halloween!

Its time to bring out the candles!

Halloween Randomness

We are now 3 days in to August!
That means there is only 3 months to October! Eeeek!
August is really a Summer month ,  I know , but here in Norway , the days have already gotten colder ,  darker and some trees has even started changing their colors.
Such a Fall feeling !

It`s been a cool 55 degrees F (13 degrees C )  here now , and I LOVE IT!
I can have my cup of hot cocoa , get my blanket AND: light my Yankee candles!

I absolutely LOVE the Forbidden Apple candle , same with the Witch`es Brew! Their scents are so magical!

The Happy Halloween candle has a really strong smell of black liqourice , and its amazing!

Im am just so ready for Summer to be over .Its not my kinda weather , to be honest.
How about you ? Do you hate or love this infernious heat?

Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary !

Halloween Randomness

Can you believe its 25(!) Years since the greatest Halloween movie ever came out?!

I remember seeing this for the first time in 2002 , and it was so amazing!

That’s right! Hocus pocus is having its 25 anniversary, and this has some amazing benefits with it!

On July 10th, a new official Disney book was released in the glory of this event . Hocus Pocus and the all new sequel is a book containing the movie + a new story where max and Allison’s 17 year old daughter must fight the Sanderson sisters again!

I won’t get my copy until July 20th ,but I know a lot of you already have!

(Picture by: @October 31st)

And on July 31st there will be a Hocus pocus bluray/DVD special anniversary edition ! Isn’t that exciting?!

Since Hocus Pocus is so popular, a lot of Halloween stores have Hocus Pocus related merch! pocus &section=product

(Picture by @October 31st)

And with all if this happening, there is some Hocus Pocus themed give aways out there! Here are some for you all to join!

Spooky Little Halloween:

Halloween Lovers Club:

Things to do in Salem shares some of the hocus pocus film locations!


Do you remember the first time you saw Hocus Pocus?

Happy Friday The 13th! Top 13 Horror Movies Challenge !(Video)

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Happy Friday The 13th , Everyone!
So , Since I did unboxings related to this glorious day , last year , I thought I would do it a little bit different twist on it this time!

So here is my Top 13 Horror Movies Challenge!

Just choose 13 of your favorite horror movies and there you go!

Here is my horrifying list of horror! :

1: Coraline

2: Dead snow / Død Snø 1                                                  3: Dead Snow/ Død Snø 2

4: As Above , So Below

5: Tales Of Terror!

6:Villmark AKA The Wild/Wilderness!

7: Shutter!

8: It (1984)                                                                    9: It (2018)

10: Grave Halloween!

11: Wishing Stairs

12; The Visit!

13: Ju-On !

Feel free to comment your list down below !

Here is my annual Friday The 13th Youtube video , if you wanna see something really spooky!

It`s Summerween!

Halloween Randomness

Happy solstice AKA Summerween everyone!

I`ll be honest , Summer is my LEAST favorite season. Ever. The sun .The heat. The pressure to go outside and “enjoy the nice weather we are having!..

But I can totally see signs of Autumn already, like this amazing dandelion !

BUT! There is always a way you can make every season into Halloween season!

For ex sample , instead of carving a Pumpkin , how about a Jack-o-melon?!

Oooor you can carve a orange paprika AKA pepper!

That’s what I did, and it turned out pretty awesome!

Hope you all will have a great Summerween!

I will be playing in the shadows and protecting myself against the sun with my pumpkin umbrella from Sweet midnight!

Happy Valloween!

Halloween Randomness

Happy valloween everyone!

I hope your day has been just as amazing as mine!


Usually I celebrate Valentine’s by watching ” my  bloody valentine” in 3d! Just as fun each year!


But what was different this Valloween was the amazing Valloween card I got from my man!


It’ from the amazing artist dr.frankenbecky who makes the most amazing creatures and cards. Shes based in the UK, so the shipping is superfast. I just love shopping with her 🎃

I also got an amazing gothic rose with my card :


Hope your day was just as amazing! 🎃

How is Halloween in Norway?

Halloween Randomness

So! Let me tell you a little about myself. Im the Halloween addict behind the sosial medias : Norwegian Halloween!

I started all this just for the cheer reason that I wanna show the world how a Norwegian celebrate AND worships it!


I know Halloween is an old tradition in the USA , but here in Norway its only about 17 years.And the struggle with explaining to people why I , as an Norwegian , love it so much. Its quite difficult at times as people will not understand the reasons at all, and use the most disgusting argument ever for hating Halloween: it’ just a American sale sceam to make everyone spend money on candy for begging kids..


And that right there hurts my black heart. THAT part is the least important thing about Halloween for me to be honest. I do give out candy on Halloween, but it’s not the most important thing to me when  it’s the 31st of October.

I don’t know about how it’s where you live, but here we have the tradition to light candles at our lost loved ones graves. We focus more on the celebration on the memory of the people we have lost.

But with that said, of curse we do some of the same things you do!


We have Halloween parties, carve pumpkins, have horror film nights with all the good candies and some of us even bake stuff with the pumpkin meat!🎃


But there is also ALOT we don’t have /do:

Pumpkin patches

Haunted houses

Haunted hay rides

Fysical stores just for Halloween decor

Candy Corn

Any kind of pumpkin spiced anything

Undecorated townstreets

So yes, obviously Norway has a long way to go , but has a big potential when it comes to start celebrating these amazing Halloween traditions.

Me myself have been celebrating and collecting Halloween stuff since I was 9 in 2000.


So safe to say I now have 36 boxes filled with my most precious items.

Luckily we do have some shops that import cool stuff for Halloween. Only down part is that it doesn’t arrive in the stores until the 3rd week of October.

My favorite stores to go Halloween shopping is :







These pictures are only of the front entries of the shops. They all had much more!

You can see the rest of the pictures on my Instagram or on my Facebook page