Norwegian Horror Story: The Black Tailed Lady ( Huldra)

Norwegian Horror Story

You are out for a casual stroll. Out in the dark , but comforting , forest.

Well worn paths cross each other, and you decide that this time , you will take another route than the usual.
As the path leads you further into the woods , with the trees huddling together  , appearing to stand closer and closer . The sunlight being dimmed out by the solid treetops ,covering the sky .
You suddenly get that eerie feeling. That feeling when you KNOW , someone , or some thing  , is watching you.

You hear the trees creaking . Birch twisting.
You turn to the sound and see among the trees ,  a split open trunk.
But there is something wrong with this one. You walk closer , and the sight hits you like a ton of bricks.
The trunk looks like a opened rib cage. It`s covered with moss .
As you reach inside the trunk to uncover it,the sound of slithering worms can be heard .

You can feel your blood freeze over in your veins , as the rib cage trunk closes and a big entity disappears into the woods.
You fall flat on your ass in disbelief.
You turn around to stand up , and your eyes meet two bare feet  , sticking out under a white long dress. You hear a feminine laughter , a giggle.Screenshot_20190301-051836_Instagram.jpg
Your breathing has now stopped. In the middle of your confusion , a shadow starts to disturb your eyes. You try to see whats causing it and as soon as you see it , it`s clear as day: A long ,  black  tail.
At this moment , your primal instinct is taking over , and you start to run.
The path you once were on , is now gone.

As you stumble thru the woodland glade  ,you try to find your bearing , but the trees  start to narrow in.
You can hear twigs breaking under the steps of the creature following you. Another laugh can be heard.

Thru some branches ,you see a clearing , filled with a golden light.12801345_1044309388960595_717173572982812163_n (2).jpg
You use your last powers to push thru the branches and fall into a dell.

Tall , broken trees surround you in a perfect circle.
You try to stand up , but vertigo is keeping you from leveling.
All you can hear is your ragged breathing  .
The trees are again creaking , and you frantically try to see where the creature will appear.

The laughter can be heard again. And it moves around you.
You spin around and…. there it is.
Out between the trees slides a slender  , pale , young girl, dressed in white.
Her long , black hair falls all the way to the ground.

In fear you take a step back . You stare at the creature in awe.
From behind the hair , a face appears . It looks like a porcelain doll`s , and on her head is two black , Lynx`s ears.

The creature smiles , and it sends shivers down your spine.
Her golden brown eyes are locked on you. She smiles and laughs.
You are now a 100 % sure that that brownie your friend gave you for breakfast , was NOT a regular one.

The creature comes all the up to you and just stares at you. Sniffs you. Judges you.
Before she leaves you with another simile before turning around , and walks away from you. As she turns , you see her back. It`s the broken rib cage trunk you had seen earlier. It was Her.