Christmas Horror Movies

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Some of my favorite horror movies , are Christmas themed!

Some must watch Love actually , The Christmas Prince etc , to get the Christmas spirit , but me? Give me a Christmas Horror Story!

I bet a lot of you probably also have the same Christmas rituals , where these listed movies are included!

1: Krampus

2: Daddy`s Home 2

3: A very Supernatural Christmas

4: Rare Exports

5:Black Christmas

6: Silent Night

7: Gremlins

8: A Christmas Horror Story


Creepy Christmas : Part 2: A Merry JÒl !

Creepmas /Christmasween/ Hollowmas/ Black Christmas/Creepy Christmas

Believe it or not,Vikings started a lot of the Christmas traditions we see today.
Actually , the old Viking Christmas celebration is quite like the modern one.

As you might know , the pagan/ old Germanic folks called Christmas for Yule. And Yule comes from the Norse word JÒl or JÒlablot , and is almost identical to the modern Norwegian word : Jul !

The Vikings started their celebration on the 21st of December and partied hard for 12 straight days. Sound familiar?

Christmas Trees

Another thing the vikings did , was to decorate ever green trees !

Since the trees stayed green and healthy all year thru , they become a symbol of good health and fortune , so when JÒl arrived , they would decorate the trees with carved figurines and gifts , for the spirit in the trees , to grow and prospure to the next spring.
Holly Christmas Wreath!

The Vikings love for ever green plants , did`nt end there!

They made round wreathes out of Holly . The circle symbolising the start and end of a years cycle. They then placed them over their doors for protection against evil spirits.

Same with the mistletoe!

I really hope you all have a safe and creepy Christmas!

Happy Krampusnacht! The Christmas Devil is here!

Creepmas /Christmasween/ Hollowmas/ Black Christmas/Creepy Christmas

Krampus is the famous Christmas devil!

He is a figure/creature with a very devilish look . Krampus is also described as a half goat half demon looking beast with archhorn , whom appears in the early days the Christmas season.
Krampus comes along with his counterpart: St. Nikolas, the dude that the modern Santa we know today is based of ! They both arrive on December 6th (sometimes Krampus shows up on the night to December 6th , December 5th) , were St.Nikolas gives out presents for the “good” kids , and leaves Krampus to do the dirty work , and has the job of scaring and punishing the “bad” ones. May even eat some of them.

Krampus has existed since the middle ages , and has be known under many different names during the years.

In the cities surrounding the Alpine region , there is an annual parade , just for Krampus himself! People dress up as Krampus with horns, pelts , scary devil masks and goes lurking and creeping around throughout the streets .With the bells ringing, whips lashing and screams filling the night . This phenomenon is also occuring in Germany every year , and its called Krampuslauf (Krampusrun)!

Exchanging Krampuskarten ( Krampus Cards) during the beginning of Christmas time , is also still a thing the Scandinavians do , which is pretty cool!


just have to say , the Krampus part of the pagan Pre- Christmas times ,has always been my favorite parts of Christmas.
And every year , on night to December 6th , I put on all the Krampus movies I have (even tho , my favorite is the Michael Dougherty one ) ,and have a blast watching this Christmas devil doing his own version of Christmas!

So , based on the nice-o metre: who would you get a visit from on December 6th?
The nice Satan , ops , SANTA , or the creepy Krampus?

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays!
Merry KrampusNacht everyone!

Spooky Advent: The Northern Advent Star !

Creepmas /Christmasween/ Hollowmas/ Black Christmas/Creepy Christmas

I do not know , how many of you have this kind of decoration in your window during Christmas time?

An illuminated star , made out of paper , plastic , glass or steel. It can be bought in all kinds of colors . The most popular colors for the paper stars are white and red , and the steel ones , silver and gold. I really like the Gothic looking ones tho. Super creepy.kll

Advent Star From

The origin of the advent star known to have originated in the 1830s at the Moravian Boys’ School in Niesky, Germany, as a geometry project!

The star has since been modified into a look more resembling the northern star , than the 110 spiked star it originated from. I know ,110 spikes!

We Norwegians hang up our star lamps in the windows . And they all go up almost on the same day, first day of Advent. This year its on December 2nd!

As I mentioned earlier , The advent start is a big deal here. Almost every house has one , but there are almost sooo many different styles and shapes!

As you can see in the picture above, we also have another advent related decor: The Advent stake !

So since today is the 1st Sunday( out of 4) of Advent, I have placed all the stars and and stakes in my windows !

These lamps really lighten up this dark month 🖤

Creepy Christmas is upon us!

Creepmas /Christmasween/ Hollowmas/ Black Christmas/Creepy Christmas

We are now entering the darkest time of year.
The time when goblins, gnomes and other ancient creatures comes out to play!

This season is , like Halloween , also quite spooky!At least where I`m from.
Here in Norway , the myths and legends surrounding Christmas time , are many.

The legends get scarier , the more north in the country you get.
Since the northern part of Norway has whole days without any sunlight , it totally makes sense that the more scarier stuff happens there.

So during this December , I will share some of Norway and Scandinavia`s creepiest Christmas legends and traditions!

Happy Creepmas , Everyone!

Norwegian Halloween Pumpkins!


Ok, so this is my first year attempting to grow my very own jackolantern pumpkins!

I planted them in June, which might have been a little late in the year, but hey, I tried anyways !

As you can see, I used the jackolantern pumpkin seeds! They were 5 $ at a store called Plantasjen!

The pots I chose to grow them in, were a bit small I think, but they still grew quite rapidly!

So after 2 weeks inside, I prepared my outdoor plantation patch , where my pumpkins were to be planted .

I covered the open ground around the plants, to keep the heat stay in the ground. And also keep weeds away!

The vines started growing, and soon the flowers appeared!

And one day, this little fella sprouted out!

When the patch started getting to a certain size, I covered the ground ,so that weeds and bugs would get their hands on it.

Only 1 out of 4 sprouts actually kept on growing, and I really thought it was going to make it all the way to a orange pumpkin!

But sadly , my efforts to keep the bugs away, failed.

On the 13th of October, this sight is what waited me:

Just LOOK at what those snails did to it?! They ate wholes in it and have audacity to still hang around it!

I’m so bummed I won’t be able to carve my self grown pumpkins .

But next year I will be growing them in a greenhouse! Protected from bad weather , bugs and deers!

Holloween Card swap & P.O box!

Halloween Mail!


That’s the month we all start preparing our Halloween card and box swapping!🎃😁

I had 30 Halloween card slots this year and 10 boxes,and they are all now taken! And I’m so excited to send them all out!🎃😁

Also new this year:

I have finally gotten myself a P.O box!

It makes everything so much easier! + I don’t have to worry about my mail getting stolen !